Feb 24

Future Projects- Resurfacing the Fireplace

Karen bought a fixer-upper house before we ever met, and now over the last several years we have been working at a snail’s pace to make it into a home that we can be proud of.  The planning phases of our projects tend to go relatively quick the problem that we tend to have is putting those plans into action.  I guess it could be a level of laziness that I have or the fact that every remodeling project makes such a mess that we end up with two projects.  I like to blame it on the fact that we are living in a home that we are trying to give a full remodel to which means that anytime we redo a room our living space gets cut in half.  Fortunately for us, we are almost to the halfway point now, we still need to do some finishing touches like adding granite or some sort of stone countertops to the kitchen and guest bathroom, but we are starting to see the light at end of the tunnel.  The picture below is our first attempt at a remodel, by just repainting and exposing the wood floors that were there.
Before Living Room

To reach the halfway point we need to finish the part of our great room that connects the kitchen to the hallway that leads to the guest bedrooms.  In order to finish that half we are resurfacing our fireplace to give it a stone looking veneer and laying down wood floors.  Once those two things are complete we are finally going to splurge on some new furniture and Craigslist the stuff that has been leftover from my bachelor days and what came with the house.

The stone veneer that we are going to go with is an imperialstacked stone called mesa grey.  We ended up going with this color because we are going to have so many dark colors in the room that we wanted a lighter contrasting area to balance it out.  We hope that we are making the right choice, but if all else fails we can also change our paint color.  I really want it to work and to have Karen happy with the way that if flows because I have already painted the great room 3 different times, and she really likes this new color we have, so please God let it work out.
Mesa Gray

Once we get the stone veneer up it will be time to lay the wood floor and half of the inside of our house will be done.  We have already picked up the wood flooring and tomorrow we are going to pick up the stone for the fireplace.  So, over the next couple of weekends our plans are going to be put into action and we will be a couple of steps closer to finishing our home.  I am so excited to be close to getting half of our stuff organized and in its proper place, and it could not come at a better time because pretty soon our baby girl will be here.
Floors are now Home

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