Feb 23

A sweet tradition

A fun little tradition that Kenny and I have is that every time we go on vacation we try to find a unique little local ice cream parlor to enjoy a frozen treat.  For me it all started on our first vacation together, a spring break trip to the Hawaiian Island of Oahu.  We found a perfect little Cold Stone Creamery tucked away amongst some high end shops right across from Waikiki Beach.  We shared a yummy dessert and strolled along the shoreline at sunset.  It was perfect and a wonderful start to our fun tradition.
cold stone creameryIMG_0341Another neat place we happened across was in the little town of Moab, Utah while we were visiting Arches National Park.  Moab is such a small town it is basically just one main street.  There are several different restaurants and donut shops, but we just fell in love with a frozen yogurt shop called Hogi Yogi.  They had all sorts of frozen yogurt flavors and some fantastic fruit smoothies that really cooled us down after a 100 degree day of hiking in the sun.
Hogi_YogiIMG_1677Of course we’ve mentioned, and even wrote an entire post about, Andy’s frozen custard in Springfield, Missouri.  It would take a lot for any sweet treat to top that place!  Maybe it’s my 24 weeks pregnant self talking here but I would easily pay a hundred dollars to have an Andy’s Strawanna speed shipped to my front door RIGHT NOW!  Luckily my sister and brother-in-law live near an Andy’s so every time we visit them I get to satisfy my frozen custard craving.  Yum!
Andy's StoreWhat we have bought
Lastly, one of our very favorite finds was on our most recent trip to Maui.  We finally found some time to take a little shopping excursion to The Whalers Village Shops in Lahaina and spotted a little jewel called Yogurtland.  It was amazing!  It is a self serve frozen yogurt shop where you pay by the weight of your treat.  You can choose from about twenty different flavors, or mix and match and then add on amazing toppings ranging from nuts to fresh fruit to gummy bears or pieces of candy bars.  There are no rules, you choose whatever your heart desires and then just pay based on the weight.  It was heavenly, we mixed Strawberry, Vanilla and Mango frozen yogurt and decided to forgo the toppings.  Oh yum it was so good!
yogurtland[1]20100309_redvelvet_yogurtland[1]The only bad thing about discovering all these yummy dessert locations while on vacation is that you miss them once you’re back home.  Oh well, I guess that is part of the fun, you only get that special experience while you’re on vacation.  Either way we would encourage you guys to try out this little tradition of ours and make it your own.  It is so fun to be on the lookout for that special spot while we’re driving around a new fun town.  And, if you live by one of these special spots, go have a sweet treat for me!

coldstone photo via tripadvisor.com
yogurtland photo via examiner.com and mondette.com

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