Feb 19

Bumpdate: 23 weeks

23 weeks pregnantHow Far Along: 23 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I believe I am at eleven and a half pounds gained so far.  I go to the doctor later this week so I’ll be able to get an official reading then.  My scales never seem to be exactly the same as the doctors.

Maternity Clothes: They are a must at this point.  There’s no way I’d fit into my regular pants, and my normal shirts would have my belly peeking out the bottom.

Gender: It’s a precious little girl!

Movement: Wowiee is she ever moving!! I think she is the most active right at bedtime.  If Kenny and I could ever sit still together I know he would feel her.  I still can’t believe such a little sweetie can make such bit movements and kicks.

Sleep: I’m still doing a lot of falling asleep on the couch in the evenings.  Kenny always makes sure the bed is comfy and ready and wakes me up to get into bed at night.  He’s so sweet, he always has a big glass of water ready for me and anything else I might need during the night.

What I miss: Lunchmeat… I know that sounds crazy but I’ve never wanted a big cold cut sandwich so much as I do now that they tell me I can’t have one.  Lunchmeat supposedly has a high risk of lysteria so pregnant women are supposed to steer clear.

Cravings: I’ve had some queasiness come back this week so food isn’t so high on my wish list.  I’ve been enjoying a few Wendy’s Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers occasionally though.

Best Moment this week: Celebrating Valentines Day with my wonderful hubby.  It’s always nice to take a moment to think about just how much my little family means to me.

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