Feb 18

Photography Tip – Have Fun

Photography is a wonderful hobby, and it is a relatively easy one to get into thanks to modern technology.  Digital cameras seem to get better every year and like with any hobby time doing it only makes a person better at it, which is why I enjoy photography so much.  I can practice it just about anywhere, and with my digital camera I can experiment as much as I want and just delete the ones that do not turn out right.  However, sometimes I take it too seriously like when I am on vacation and just want to get the perfect shot and end up driving around wasting time, and not doing the one thing that I should be doing when on vacation which is relaxing.  It is one thing if I was getting paid for it but I am not so that is why it is so important to remember to have fun.  Not every picture needs to be put in a frame and placed on the wall.

Neil and Kenny behind painted wall with watermark

One way to have fun while out taking pictures is to use man made cutouts of sceneries or outfits to get into and get a picture taken.  It might seem cheesy at the time, but every time Karen or I look back at one of our pictures it makes us laugh every time.  This picture below was taken at Blank Park Zoo in Iowa.  It was just an egg with the top of the shell cut out, and it did not take too much coaxing to get Karen into the egg so I could get a picture.
Karen in an egg

Another way to get a unique and fun picture is to use objects in nature.  Karen and I were visiting Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii, and were seeing the smoke steam up from the caldera and since Karen breaths fire anyway I could not resist to get her to pose for the picture below.  Just kidding about breathing fire Karen is the probably the kindest person I know.
Karen breaths fire

To get a fun unique picture is relatively easy as long as you keep your eyes open when you are out and about.  What I tend to look for are tall objects and use our hands to prop them up or look like we are propping them up.  I like to do this at national parks because it gives a little bit different perspective or look to an object that people have already seen before.  Below is a picture of Karen leaning on Balance Rock in Arches National Park which is in Utah.
Leaning on Balance Rock

Next time you are out taking pictures look for ways to add a little bit of comedy to your shots.  It helps fill out the scrapbook and the next time your showing your friends and family your slide show of your vacation.

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  1. freda phillips

    I love it!!!!!! They are so fun and funny.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks- Life is so serious with all the problems that are out there, so when we can laugh about things it really makes life so much better.

  2. Cecilia

    it helps to have such a cute model to work with!

    1. Kenny and Karen

      That is why Karen is in most of my pictures, and I am not- safer for the camera that way

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