Feb 16

Wildlife Photography Number 5 – Moray Eel

Watermarked Moray Eel A wonderful day of snorkeling in Maui is my perfect vacation day.  In my lifetime, no matter how many opportunities I will get to snorkel I do not think that I could ever get enough, but God willing I will try to get enough in before my days are up.  This photograph was taken off of Maluaka Beach in Maui.  Karen and I were out snorkeling for a while seeing the usual Hawaiian reef fish and other critters.  After a good long swim we headed back to shore to take a break and soak in the sun.  After a while I grew restless and wanted to get back into the water.  Karen said she was done for the day, but the water was still calling me, so I went back in.  Now, I highly recommend that you never snorkel by yourself, but I think the old adage, do as I say not as I do, applies here.

As I headed out for one last time for the day I headed to the area that I last saw a green sea turtle hoping to see another one.  After a few minutes in the area I headed to the surface to clean out my mask, when another snorkeler was trying to get my attention.  I looked over in his direction when he said there was an eel right below him.  After I acknowledged what he was saying he swam off.  I went over to where he was and looked around, but I could not see what he was talking about.  So, I made a large circle pattern, and then I saw the eel go from one outcropping of coral to another.  I went to the surface to see and hovered there to see where it was going to go.  When it settled down underneath some coral I went in to investigate.  What I saw was one of the bigger more unique eels that I had ever seen.

I like this picture because it reminds me of just how unique and special every snorkeling trip can be.  Every time I go out the experience is so different from the time before, which is why snorkeling is so much fun because I never know what I am going to see.  I also like how the eel is getting in its defensive posture letting me know that I need to back off which is exactly what I did, while it looks like I am close to the eel I am actually a pretty good distance away, so glad that I have a zoom button on my camera.  Just thinking about this photo makes me want to hit the water again, which is why this picture is number 5 on my top 25 wildlife photography list.

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  1. Judy

    What camera did you use to take the underwater shots?

    1. Kenny and Karen

      It was a Canon D10, it worked really well until the display on the back of the camera stopped working. From that point forward I was basically shooting blind. Literally point and shoot!

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