Feb 13

Monday Musing: Running Gives Me Time…

Night Running A while back in a previous musing I signed myself up for my annual punishment of running a half-marathon.  Over the last seven years I have tried to run it and some years I am successful other years sickness or injury takes its toll and things to do not go as planned.  While running the race and getting a finisher’s medal does provide some level of accomplishment, and knowing that the race fees are going to a wonderful cause make me feel good about signing up for the race, but that is not the reason that I go out and run and train.

At first running to me is just pain.  My lungs are not ready for it, my knees hurt, and sometimes I get terrible shin splints, but I still drag myself at the door and go.  The Osteo Bi-Flex will help with my knees, which I think is probably more mental than anything else, but I am no doctor I just know it makes my knees feel better.  My lungs will get back in shape and I will be able to climb the stairs at my school as much as I want without getting winded.  With the right training method and plenty of rest between long runs my shins will cooperate…well on most days they do.  Eventually those pains will disappear and running becomes more than just a form of exercise and a way for me to retain a shape besides round.  It becomes a time that my stress is released, a time to think, a time to pray (especially the long runs) a time answer some of lives questions, and a time to plan for the future.  Running becomes the calm during the storm that life can be.

When I am running I am not trying to set any records my whole goal is to push myself, but at the same time I want to complete the run without walking.  Not all my runs are like this and I wish that they were, but on those days that I just find a grove and I feel good because the pain is at a minimum and my cadence is strong, I feel like I can go forever.  When all the running stars align it just seems like time slows down and life is so much easier to figure out.

I am sure that it does not have to be running to get that type of feeling.  I am sure that it could be some other hobby, exercise, or activity, but what I do know that it has to happen when you are unplugged from the world of electronics.  So, go out and find your moment when time slows down and give yourself a way to figure out your life’s great mysteries.

Picture via http://www.genderodysseyfamily.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/superstock_1431r-214silhouette-of-a-man-running-posters.jpg

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