Feb 11

Travel Tip- Rent a Car

Rental Car Karen and I love to travel, and our favorite means of getting from one place to another is to drive a car.  When we first got together we would take my vehicle everywhere we went, which was probably not the best decision for a variety of reasons.  I have been driving a Dodge Durango for the last eight years and I have really enjoyed driving it except when I take it to the gas station to fill it up.  I knew getting a vehicle like that the gas mileage was going to be horrible, what I did not know going in was that gas was going to jump a few dollars a gallon or more over the time span that I have had the vehicle.  My Durango has taken Karen and I to places like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone and a bunch of road trips, and for whatever reason we never thought about renting a car.

Finally, we saw the light when gas hit about two and half dollars.  At that point we quickly came to the conclusion that it was roughly the same price to rent a car for a week and put gas in it as it was for us to drive our vehicle.  Over the last couple of years for just about every trip that we take out of the state we always use a rental car and have had no regrets about it.  Has every rental car experience always been a winner, heck no, you can read about our “great” rental car experience in Florida by clicking here.  Fortunately, Karen and I have been able to keep a level head about things and no matter how bad it might seem about getting a rental vehicle we just keep telling ourselves that it is a lot better than putting wear and tear on our own vehicles.
Karen with Car

Karen and I usually rent from Budget because their prices are competitive to other companies, their location in our city is relatively easy to get in and out of, and their rental cars can cross multiple state lines.  Gas prices are really hurting us and our love for taking road trips but getting a rental car with a high miles per gallon ratio has taken some of the sting out of it.  Lately we have going with a much smaller vehicle that has a little bit less comfort to save money on gas, and it works for us.  We just take a few more breaks when driving to get out and stretch our legs so in the end it becomes win -win.  We save money on gas, become smarter packers, and get to see more things on our road trips.

Tips you might want to try when renting a car-

  1. Always check around for the best price by checking different travel websites as well as the company sites.
  2. Make sure your rental car will take you as far as you want to go i.e. how many state lines you may be crossing on your trip.
  3. If leaving after work rent the car the night before so you are packed and ready to go as soon as you get home instead of getting stressed out about getting the car so you can leave.
  4. Read the fine print i.e. make sure if you need insurance or if your personal car insurance or credit card cover you.
  5. Follow the contract that way you do not have any hidden fees when you return it.  If you said you were going to fill it up before you bring it back make sure you do it.

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