Feb 09

What Makes Our Marriage Work- Trying to Keep Things Even

Like any happily married couple Karen and I try to help each other out as much as possible, and for the longest time I thought I was pulling my weight around the house.  I took care of the yard, took out the trash, and occasionally did the laundry and dishes.  Karen would occasionally give me a list of other things that she would want me to get done and I would work on those, but since she was not telling me things that she wanted me to help with week in and week out I figured I was doing my fair share.  Boy… was I wrong.
Woman Cleaning I have come to this revelation over the last two months as Karen has started to rest more due to the pregnancy.  I have stepped up and started doing most of the things that Karen was already doing, and I have no idea for the life of me how she was able to work her job and then take care of the house as well as take care of me.  I knew that I was a very lucky man marrying her, but I had no idea that I was that lucky.  The running to the grocery store, taking care of the laundry and just the everyday up keep on the house I have no idea how she was able to do that for so long.  I love my wife but my appreciation for everything that she did has gone to a much deeper level.

What I have figured out over these last two months is that I need to do a lot better job helping Karen out around the house, and now with a third member of the family on the way there are going to be a lot more things to take care of around my home.  I guess I can say that this has been a real eye-opener and learning experience for me.  Should it ever have gotten to that point?  No, but Karen and I have had a few conversation about all the things that I should have been helping her out with, and we both have come to the conclusion that I need to be more observant of the things around the house and she needed to communicate a little bit more about things that she wanted done.
man cleaning I know that for the next couple of months the burden of all the house work will be on my shoulders, and I am glad that I am in that position instead of the one carrying the baby.  I thank God every day that he did not make me a woman because seeing the things that Karen has gone through during this pregnancy and what is about to come I know there is no way that I could handle it.  I can admit it without blushing that Karen is a lot tougher than I am when it comes to things like that.  Fortunately for Karen this experience has reinforced the idea that I need to work a lot harder around the house doing the everyday things, and with this newfound perspective I think things will be a lot fairer for her in the future.

Gentlemen the next time that you are sitting on the couch with nothing better to do, and your significant other is taking care of the dishes or folding the laundry you might want to get up and see if you can help her out.  Ladies if your man is anything like me, he wants to help out even thought it might not look like it, just let him know what he can do to help and if he is like me he will be glad to.  Sometimes we guys are a little blind to those things.  If a couple can do those two things it should make things a little bit more even around the house.
Couple Cleaning 1st picture via http://zeldalily.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/household-chores.jpg
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