Feb 08

Wildlife Photography Number 6 – Baby Elephant

baby elephant

I took this photo when Karen and I visited the Oklahoma City Zoo early in the summer of 2011.  We went there to see the new baby elephant which was exciting for both of us because neither of us had see a baby elephant in person before.  The baby elephant named Malee along with its mother and aunt are housed in a brand new beautifully done Asian elephant exhibit.  Malee’s father resides at the Tulsa Zoo, but according to the people that work at the OKC Zoo they do plan on adding more Asian elephants to the large exhibit.

I am not as proud of this picture as some of the other ones that have taken, but what makes this one stand out to me is just the difference in size between an adult elephant and a newborn.  It is just amazing to see these large magnificent creatures moving around very nimbly, and at one point the Malee seemed to be playing a game where it kept going under its mother’s legs like she was going through a tunnel.  While it is not the best picture I have ever taken of an animal it is one of the cuter ones so that is why it is number 6 on my top 25 wildlife pictures.

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