Feb 02

Wildlife Photography Number 7 – Caiman

CaimanOne of my favorite things to photograph is the eyes of an animal.  Furthermore, one of the most frustrating things to photograph is the eyes of an animal.  The camera that I have, which is a wonderful camera by the way, is limited in the amount of manual focus control that I can do.  It makes getting clear sharp pictures of an eye very difficult and frustrating.  At times I wish I had a DSLR camera so I could have a little bit more control, and then other times I just wish I would not be so lazy and bring a tripod. 

This is one of my favorite wildlife pictures that I have taken to date.  The focus on the eyes while the body and left front arm of the caiman blurs into the water was an effect that I wish I could say that I was going for when I first started taking pictures of this animal.  After zooming in and changing some settings I eventually got the picture that you see above.  Digital cameras have made it so easy to experiment and if you are at all like me the bad pictures are quickly deleted before anybody else ever gets a chance to see them.  It is so much simpler in this digital age that as soon as I snap the picture I can check it out and see if I need to try again or from a different angle or setting.  So, much easier than it was with my first real camera a Minolta SLR when I had to wait for the roll of film to be processed, and then realizing either with joy that I got the shot or with dread knowing that my picture was not as good as I thought it was going to be.

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