Jan 28

Kitchen Remodel- Finishing the Stone Tile

Grout FloatAfter laying all the tile which you can read about by clicking here or check out all the things that Karen and I have done to the house by clicking on our list tab and scroll down to the remodeling section.  We were ready to finish the floor by putting in the grout lines.  Karen and I were a little nervous about doing this because when we were working on our guest bathroom we did not wipe the grout off fast enough and in some places it dried and it took a very long time to scrape it off.  So, we did not want to go through that again.  Furthermore, I did not want Karen to really help out since she is pregnant I did not want her be under any stress or doing any strenuous activity so it was just going to be me putting in the grout and making sure I got the tiles cleaned off fast enough so no crustiness of grout is left on the travertine tile.  I would hate to put in all that hard work of laying the tile to destroy it by not getting the grout right.
Putting in the Grout

I mixed the grout per the instructions on the bag and while I was waiting for it to be ready I got out a bucket of clean water, a soft thick sponge to clean the tile off with, and my rubber float to put down the grout.  Our kitchen is a reverse U shape so I started by the refrigerator and worked my way around from one entrance into the kitchen to the other.  We had family coming in from out of town and they were staying with Karen’s parents so I told Karen that she should go and I would catch up with them when I could.  She wanted to stay and offer her support, but I did not want to keep her from spending time with her family.
Cleaning the Tile

About a third of the way done and I was on my own, but putting down the grout was a lot easier and faster than laying the tile. The only thing that I kept telling myself over and over again was not to rush it. I just followed the pattern that I set for myself which was doing one row at a time and then going back to clean it.  Of course, it took a while but slow and steady won the race. Once I got into a pattern of slopping some grout out of my bucket, taking the tile float and pushing the grout down into the line at a diagonal and moving down the row of tile it went pretty straightforward.  Finally, I had all the lines grouted I changed my clothes and headed over to see what the family was doing.
511 Sealer

A few days later we were to seal the travertine.  Ever since we got the tile down we made sure we did not wear any shoes on the tile or making any messes in the kitchen until we got it sealed.  Probably a little too precautious, but after all that hard work we did not want to take any chances.  The sealer we used was 511 Impregnator Sealer.  Our travertine was already honed and filled, but we had read online that some people sealed theirs while others did not, but due to our overprotective nature we decided to seal ours.
Putting on the Sealer

The sealing process was relatively easy.  I just followed the instructions on the bottle and took the precautions that it said to take and got to work.  I did the same reverse U pattern that I did with the grout.  Using a clean white rag to put on the sealer then using a second white rag to clean off the excess.  Karen did get to help this time though we had to keep her away from the strong fumes the sealer gave off, but she served as my stopwatch.  The sealer had to sit on the tile for a few minutes and then at the appropriate time she would let me know when I needed to wipe up the excess.  We made a pretty good team and ended up with a pretty good looking stone travertine kitchen floor.
Finished Travertine Floor

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  1. Julie

    So beautiful! Looks like you did a great job!!

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks- we are really happy with the results

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