Jan 25

Frugal Date Number 6- A Sporting Event

OU vs KSUMost people seem to want to attend a professional game when they are going on a sporting event date, which is great if you can afford it, but when you have to pay for parking and anywhere from $50 to $95 dollars for an NFL ticket or $30 or higher for an NBA ticket it starts to add up.  Then you add whatever you might get while you are there like drinks, food, or souvenirs and then before you know it you are set back a few weeks.  It is so much easier to sit at home and eat your own food and watch it from the comfort of your couch, but there is nothing like hearing the roar of the crowd and seeing the event live.  So what do you do?  Well, Karen and I have found that going to a college game or even a lower level professional game can be just as much fun.  Karen indulges my need to see a live event every now and again just as long as I do not break the bank to see it.  Luckily for us we have two big time colleges in our area plus a few lower level professional teams.  So, we can go and see a quality product without paying a crazy price. 
KSU Basketball

Karen and I decided to take one of our frugal dates to go watch the University of Oklahoma play Kansas State University.  We were able to get some tickets because the stadium in Norman was maybe a third full.  The tickets were very reasonable at only $10.00 per ticket and there really is not a bad seat in the house.  It was a 12:30 game so Karen and I did the frugal thing and ate before we went and since parking was free it only cost us a little over $20.00 plus gas to drive down there.  We had a pretty good time watching the game however the team we were rooting for did not win, but it was fun to watch them anyway.
Lloyd Noble Stadium

Going to a sporting event is a great date for couples because whatever type of sport you are going to go to watch the game is probably going to last for a few hours.  Another positive is the drive to the game because it is a good opportunity to talk to one another.  If you are not into the sport you can always bring your Smartphone with you and not watch a second of the game.  At least that is what it looked like was going on for the couple that was sitting right in front of us.  He was cheering his team on and it looked like she was playing angry birds for two hours.  I am glad that Karen, who never played a sport in her life, at least gets into it and does not make me feel like I just wasted our money on a ticket. 
Baby Bump KSU Shirt

$10.00 per ticket X 2 = $20.00
Parking was Free a little bit of money for gas
= $20.00+ to go spend an afternoon watching Oklahoma shoot lights out while KSU played its worst game of the year did not end up being the greatest date Karen and I have ever had, but watching my wife who is from Oklahoma cheer on one of my childhood teams, priceless.
Frank Martin Smiling

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