Jan 23

Bumpdate: 19 weeks

19 weeks pregnantHow Far Along: 19 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Well, I’m up nine and a half pounds.  It probably doesn’t help that I keep wanting quick easy fast food, but I am still eating a healthy breakfast, lots of fruit and tons of water.

Maternity Clothes: Still enjoying the array of maternity clothes I have borrowed from Lisa and the whole new wardrobe courtesy of my Mother-in-law and Grandmother-in-law.

Gender:  Hooray we found out!! Click HERE to see a sweet video where we share our news!

Movement: I am LOVING all the movement!  I’m sitting on the couch with Kenny while he’s grading some tests from school and I can hardly hold in the giggles this sweet baby is tickling me so much.  I keep putting my hand on the outside of my stomach when baby is kicking, I am excited for Kenny to be able to feel it too!  Any day now!!

Sleep: I have been getting more sleep here lately, I only have to get up once or twice during the night to use the restroom so that’s helping.

What I miss: A nice long hot soak in the bathtub.

Cravings: I have upgraded from lemons to oranges now a days.  I bought a bag full of cuties oranges, you know the little sweet easy to peel ‘baby’ clementine oranges, and I’ve nearly finished off the whole bag!

Best Moment this week: Kenny’s Dad and Mom came down to stay with us for a few days and we got to go to a college basketball game, baby was jumping and dancing with all the music and excitement.  We also went to a wildlife refuge where we took my 19 week picture above.  Fun stuff!

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  1. freda phillips

    Lookin good!!! I’m glad the wind didn’t blow you off that mountain.
    I’m sure you will feel better and better as time goes along.

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