Jan 19

Wildlife Photography Number 9 – Leaping Polar Bear

Polar Bear Leap

Karen and I were excited when we heard that the Kansas City Zoo had added a new polar bear exhibit and of course we wanted to check it out the next time that we were there.  The exhibit did not disappoint in fact Karen has grand plans if we ever win the lottery about how she would want to decorate an elaborate indoor pool with ceiling to floor windows with a log cabin feel similar to the polar bear enclosure in Kansas City.  Of course reality is far from her day dreaming since the odds of winning the lottery are already astronomical coupled with the fact that we hardly ever play.  This limits the chances that she will ever get her dream pool. 

The thing that made the exhibit really wonderful was not the fact that it was so well designed, but just how much fun Nikita the polar bear was having.  Nikita would swim towards the glass push off and then do a sort of back stroke and start it all over again.  When Karen and I were leaving we decided to go back and check out the polar bear exhibit one last time and she was pouncing on a big rubber ball.  Nikita would get up on a platform and jump on the ball time and time again.

I like this photograph because I was able to capture the pounce in the picture and have it come out pretty sharp.  A few years ago if I was trying to get a picture of the same situation it would have been all blurry, and when I look at this picture it helps me realize just how far I have come in taking pictures.  This picture is far from perfect, but you should have seen some of my earlier shots.  The only thing that I am slightly disappointed in is the fact that sun was not on the bear, but that was the lighting that I had to work with.  I would always say it’s better to have a good but not perfect shot than no shot at all.  So, keep shooting and have fun!

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