Jan 17

Photography Tip – Creating Depth

U.S.S. LexingtonSince photography is a two-dimensional medium it is up to the photographer to create an illusion of depth. I have already discussed two simple ways to add depth to your photographs.  My first photo tip was to use leading lines which you can read about by clicking here.   Also, framing the focal point of your picture is a good way to add depth.  You can read about my tips on framing by clicking here
Framed Mission

Today I am going to discuss three more ways to add depth to your pictures.  These three additional ways are layering, using haze, and focus in on your subject. 

Another easy way to add depth to picture is by layering.  By adding something to the foreground, middle ground, and background of the picture an illusion of depth will be created.  The foreground is the part of the photograph or picture that is nearest to the viewer.  To add depth to the picture below I included the Black Eyed Susan flower in the foreground, the rock formations in the middle ground, and a distant mountain range in the background.  This layered look gives the illusion of having depth in the picture.   
Lone Flower

You can also add depth to a picture by using a buildup of haze or fog. The easiest way for me to explain this is if you have ever been in a wide open space looking out you might have noticed that the farther away the object you are looking at is, the lighter it gets.  The distance between you and the object is usually filled with haze, mist, or smog that causes the distant objects to look lighter and your brain will interpret this as distance between you and the object.  The picture below was taken at Zion National Park and you can see the differences in clarity and color between the cliffs located in the foreground and those located in the background. 
The View

A third way to bring depth into your picture is to put an emphasis on the subject which will soften and blur your background.  This will create a layered look which will provide depth to your picture.  In the photograph below is a picture of a bird on a rock with a couple of prairie dogs in the background.  I focused my camera on the bird which softened the look of the prairie dogs and then blurred the background which gave the picture a layered look and provided the depth that I was seeking.
Yellow brested bird

Try out these tips the next time you are out taking some photographs.  Good luck and have fun!

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