Jan 15

Telling our Parents that Karen is Pregnant

Maui BookKaren and I wanted to do something unique when we told both of our parents that Karen was pregnant.  In this day of social media we had to be extra careful and not tell too many people too soon because all it would take is for one person to post it on a social media site and then everybody knows.  In this modern age, it seems to be getting harder to keep secrets and we did not want to would lose that special moment when we get to see their reactions when we told them. 

Living close to Karen’s parents we had ample opportunities to tell them because we get to see them all the time.  So, we had to come up with the right way to tell them that was special to us.  Karen came up with the wonderful idea that while we were in Maui on vacation we would take a picture with the special news written in the sand.  Karen and I like to make photo books of our trips and our parents know that, so we figured we could spring the surprise on them by adding our special picture to the end of our vacation photo book

Karen and I like to play board games and every time we get together with her family we try to play a board game if we are able to.  So, we decided to have a board game night with her parents and then sometime during the game we would take a break and show them our Maui vacation book.  Everything went as planned, about halfway through the game we were playing we took a break to have some snacks, and Karen got out our book.  She had them set close together and they flipped through the book when they got to the last page they ended up doing a double take and their eyes got just as big as the smiles grew on their faces.  They were so shocked and happy for us it was great.  Of course, the game was pretty much over because by that point everybody’s concentration was gone, but we got the unique way to tell them that we wanted.  After we told them the news Karen asked them not to tell anybody because my parents still did not know.      
The page

My parents on the other hand are a good four hour drive away so we see them about every other month.  Now I have been teasing my mom about Karen and me having kids.  Since I am a teacher I keep telling my mom that the greatest form of birth control is to having everybody teach for one year.  If we all had to do that then we would never have to worry about over-population.  My mom knows that Karen and I like to travel so while we were on our trip in Maui I told her that we were having so much fun traveling that we came to the decision to just never to have children.  That Karen and I have seen each other siblings raise their kids and that traveling looked like a lot more fun.

When we were up for Thanksgiving to see my family and we brought our vacation book to show them our trip to Maui.  My parents were excited to see the Maui pictures because they had been there twice, which my dad had earned for his sales job at the company he had worked at.  They had no idea that we were about the spring our wonderful news on them.  They looked through our book and did the same double take as Karen’s parents.  It was fantastic to get to see both of our parents reactions to the great news that Karen and I are adding to our family.

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  1. freda phillips

    Good job. sneaky kids. I love the excitement on your Mom and Dad’s face. They look very pleased. I don’t think our picture would have looked so glamorous. But we are really excited for you and get more exited as each day passes. Can’t wait for June 2012.

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