Jan 13

Palauea Beach Park- Maui

Green Sea TurtlePalauea Beach is a wonderful snorkeling area that is primitive and not as pretty to look at as the well manicured resort beaches, but when I think of a Native Hawaiian beach this is what I picture in my mind’s eye.  The beach runs for about 500 feet, but there are absolutely no amenities which made it wonderful for Karen and me because it keeps the crowds at a minimum which might explain why we saw two weddings take place on this beach while we were there.  
Sea Turtle Hiding in Coral

The snorkeling was nice around the rocky point.  We saw several sea turtles, triggerfish, and a variety of other reef fish found in the waters off of Maui.  Supposedly there are small white tipped reef sharks in this area, but we did not see any the two days that we snorkeled there.  Karen and I liked the southern tip a little bit better then the northern one but both were nice for snorkeling.  We went two mornings to this beach during our stay in Maui.  Karen and I like to snorkel in the morning because the waves are typically calmer, the water usually has better visibility, and of course it is not very crowded. 

To get to Palauea Beach Park head south on Highway 31 taking a slight right on to Wailea Iki Drive.  Take a left at The Shops of Wailea onto Wailea Alanui Dr. Go right on Kaukahi then left on Makena Road past Polo Beach.  Just south of Polo Beach you will see a dirt area along the road park there and look for a dirt path to Palauea Beach.

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