Jan 12

Wildlife Photography Number 10- Young Chimpanzee and Adult

Young ChimpanzeeThis photograph was taken on a relatively cold December day when we were visiting the Tulsa Zoo a few years back.  We were in Tulsa to see a play at their civic center so we decided to make a weekend out of it by going to some of their museums and of course going to their local zoo.  Whenever we are traveling Karen and I like to visit the zoo because they are usually relatively cheap and provide hours of entertainment.  The neat thing about going to a larger zoo is the good chance to see the babies.  Karen gets all giddy every time there is one especially when they are interacting with the adults.  We were so entertained by this troop of chimpanzees that we stopped by to watch them a couple of times while we were there.  They were very active and there were two young ones in the group chasing each other around until the adults would step in and flip them over and let them go and they would resume the chase. 

The thing I like about this photograph is the contrasting colors between the chimpanzees and the light brown grass.  The color of the grass really makes the chimpanzees stand out more.  Another thing that I like is the smile on the young chimpanzee’s face.  The photograph captures a little bit of the fun he was having that day.

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