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Mustang Island State Park- Port Aransas

Sunrise Mustang Island State ParkMustang Island State Park is a coastal barrier island located just south of the city of Port Aransas, Texas.  A barrier island is a narrow strip of sand that lays parallel to the mainland coast.  Padre Island is the world’s longest barrier island.  Mustang Island State Park covers 3,954 acres and has a 5-mile beachfront where visitors can camp, fish, hike, go birding, shelling, and a enjoy the Texas Gulf Coast.  Karen and I went there to collect seashells one morning when we were visiting Corpus Christi.     
Royal Terns

On our trip to Texas a few years ago during fall break we saw several things like the Alamo, the USS Lexington, and the gulf coast.  One of things that we wanted to do was collect shells which we were able to do early one Saturday morning during our trip.  We got up early because that was low tide and besides we wanted to make sure the shells were not picked over.  It also gave us a chance to walk on what felt like a secluded beach because it was just us and one other couple who were out taking pictures of the sunrise.
Karen walking the beach

It was an ok little area I do not think that we would want to do anything more then what we did there which was just enjoyed our nice quiet walk on the beach.  There were a few interesting critters to see and look at.  There were lots of little crabs scrambling from one little hole to another.  We also got to see lots of jellyfish that were washed on shore.  Seeing the jellyfish up close was pretty interesting because it is something that we try to keep a close eye on when we are out snorkeling.  Luckily for us we very rarely come across any while we have been in the ocean, thank God, so seeing so many on the beach was very unique for us.  There were also shore birds that were hanging out at the beach that we got a chance to get close to.  Overall, it was just a nice semi-fascinating walk that we were able to take that morning in October.
Dead Jellyfish

Karen and I spent about an hour and half there, but since we are not really beach going people that were about the right amount of time for us.  As far as shelling is concerned, Karen and I were able to collect few dozen small shells and a few sand dollars, but nothing that we were extremely excited about.  However, it was still fun hunting around for them on the beach. 

I could see a lot people enjoy a day at the beach here but as far as camping or spending multiple days there I would not recommend Mustang Island State Park.   Of course, this is the Texas Coast so thinking that you are going to find Caribbean island clear blue water then you will be in for a shock, but if you would like to picnic on the beach and throw a football around right after you get some sun then this area will meet your needs.
Beach Sunrise

For more information visit their website at http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/findadest/parks/mustang_island/

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