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Travel Tip- Make a Packing List

SuitcaseI find it so much more relaxing when I know that when we get into the car to leave for a vacation that we have everything that we need and ten minutes down the road I am not going to be turning back because we forgot something.  Occasionally when we do not do our due diligence we have had to head back home to get event tickets that we have left or some other item that we were going to need on our trip.  I remember on one extended weekend trip we were about thirty miles away from home when I had remembered that I needed to take some documents for a work project that I had to get done before I was back to work on Monday.  To keep things like that from happing again Karen and I make a packing list of all the things that we think we are going to need before we set up and go.  Since we have implemented our list system things are a lot less hectic and when we walk out the door we know that we are not going to be having to turn back until our vacation is over. 

We separate our packing list into four sections, the first section is clothing.  We make a list of the types of clothes that we will need on the trip.  For example, five tee-shirts, three pairs of shorts, and one pair of pants.  We write it out that way we are not running around at the last minute trying to get our laundry done so we have enough clothes for our trip.  The second section is our toiletries.  We make sure we have any medicine that we need plus first aid materials and the usual soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.  We usually leave in the afternoon for our vacations so the day before we get all the non-essential toiletries and pack them then the morning of our trip as soon as we get done using what we need for that day it goes right into our bag so it is ready to go.  The third section is all the extras that we might want to take on our trip from a card or board game, iPod, reading books, cameras, snacks, drinks, and travel guides.  The final section and probably the most important is all of our travel information from room confirmation numbers to our list of things that we would like to see and do on whatever particular trip that we are on. 

It seems like it would take a long time to put the list together and it is some work, but the amount of time and angst that we save by being prepared to walk out the door is worth it.  Starting a vacation by getting on a plane and heading thousands of miles away from home and the whole time thinking about the one item that is needed is not the ideal way to start what is supposed to be a relaxing trip.  Karen and I just do a little planning to get our trips started right and so far it has worked really well for us and getting ready for a trip has become less of an ordeal and more of time to get excited.  If you do not make lists for your trip try it on your next vacation and see if it helps start your vacation off with a little less stress. 

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