Jan 06

Wildlife Photography Number 11- Black and White Butterfly

ButterflyKaren and I were out visiting the Denver area when we came across a butterfly house that sounded interesting to visit so we did.  You can check out our review of the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster Colorado by clicking here.   We had a pretty good time at the butterfly house checking out the large variety of butterflies.  Besides looking and learning about a variety of insects the Butterfly Pavilion it also provided a wonderful opportunity to take pictures.

This picture was my favorite that I took at the Butterfly Pavilion.  It was taken handheld, without a tripod, so I tried to brace myself the best that I could and just kept shooting.  There were so many butterflies to take pictures of it was not hard to get one that I could be proud of.  Another thing that I liked about taking pictures there was that I got to work on my patience in taking pictures.  Butterflies, it seems, have a hard time staying in one spot for any relative length of time.  So, If there was a particular butterfly that I wanted to get a picture of I had to watch it a while and try to see if it had a routine.  Most of them would fly in a pattern they would go to this plant then move to another and then a third and then back.  So, all I had to do was set up in an area where I thought the butterfly was going and hope the routine would not change.   I really like the contrast between the green of the plant and the black and white pattern of the butterfly.  I wish it was a little sharper but overall I am pretty happy with the picture.

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  1. freda phillips

    Looks great to me. I really like it when the Monarch butterflies come here.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks- The Monarch butterflies are pretty amazing how they travel thousands of miles.

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