Jan 05

Third Bedroom- Laying the Wood Floors

Finally FinishedWhen Karen and I were deciding on what type of flooring we wanted to put in the house we had a plenty long debate on what we would be best.  At first, Karen wanted to put in carpet just because it is soft, pretty easy to cleanup, and it is a lot less to worry about.  I wanted to go with wood floors because of the added value to the home and helps with allergic reactions to dust.  We went back and forth and what ultimately decided it for us was that the price point for nice carpet and the wood floors we got form Lumber Liquidators was basically the same.  So, Karen went with me agreed on this one and we are putting in wood floors throughout the house with the only exceptions being both bathrooms and the kitchen
Karen inspecting the Floors

The wood that we ended up going with is called Copper Maple.  It is made by Schön, and it is a floating wood floor which means no nails or glue are needed which makes installing it very easy.  Karen ultimately chose this type of wood flooring because of its deep warm colors and the fact that we had not seen anything else like it when we were out looking.  We wanted to having something that was a little bit different, but at the same time not too outrageous that if we ever wanted to sell our home that it would put buyers off. 
Quiet Walk

We decided to install it ourselves because we wanted to save as much money as possible.   At first we were a little apprehensive about laying the wood floors ourselves considering that neither of us had ever done anything like that before, and now that we have laid wood floors in both of our guest bedrooms we would not have it any other way.  There is just something about doing home improvement projects on our home that makes ownership feel a little bit more real.  Since I met Karen after she had already bought this house every time we change something up or knock down a wall it feels a little bit more like it is my home too. 

In laying of the wood floors the first thing that Karen and I did was put down the underlayment.  The underlayment’s function is to provide a moisture barrier between our concrete slab and the wood floors and provide a cushion to keep our floors from sounding hallow when we are walking on them.  The underlayment we went with is called quiet walk.  It was pretty easy for us to put down on the floor the only thing that we had to keep an eye on was making sure that it was completely flat before we started laying down the wood floors.  Karen and I ended up using some weights to keep it from rolling up and we duct taped the seams together.  Overall that part of the installation was relatively easy.    
Quick Click

After the underlayment was completely down the next step was putting down the copper maple floors.  The boxes it came in had the easy to follow instructions which once we got started made the process go fairly smooth.  Once we reached the end of the row and had to cut a piece using a miter saw.  The left over cut piece would be the part that would start the next row.  The pieces of wood were extremely easy to put together because of its click quick system.  They basically just popped together.   When we reached the far end of room the width of the board was a little bit too wide to finish so Karen and I used a table saw to get it to the right width and before we knew it the room was done.  I will say that laying wood flooring is certainly a lot easier than putting down tile.
Using the Saw
Almost Done

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