Dec 29

Wildlife Photography Number 12- Male Lion

One of the great things about going to zoos is seeing the wildlife that is not native to our area.  Even though a zoo could never replace the feeling we get when sighting a wild animal in nature so we go with the next best thing which is seeing these majestic creatures at the many zoos that we have visited whenever we travel to a big enough city to have one .  Of course, we would rather be in some national park, but unfortunately there just never seems to be enough time or resources to go to all the places that we want.  So for us, going to zoos gives us a chance to get up close with some of earth’s majestic creatures.  We enjoy seeing all sorts of different types of animals which makes going to different zoos so enjoyable because there is such a variety of animals and exhibits at the many different zoos across America.    

This photograph was taken at the Kansas City Zoo in their 95-acre Africa exhibit, which is a massive African display of animals.  If you want to read our review of the Kansas City Zoo you can click on the link here.  It is a picture of their male lion basking in the sunlight.  When we visit places we are never worried about the lighting or conditions for photography because we are there to visit first and hope to get some good pictures that we can share second.  Also, whenever we are visiting a location there is always the thought in the back of our mind that this will be the only day that we will be there.  Since we do not live by the Kansas City Zoo it is not like we could go back the next day to get a better shot.  Most the time when we are out taking pictures, we are just hoping that sun and the subject will work with us, and in this photo they did. 

I like this picture because the lion is looking up so many times when we go to zoos the lions are usually just taking a nap which makes sense because lions are mostly nocturnal.  So getting this picture was lucky for us because its head is up in the air.  I also like how the sun is just hitting the lion to lighten him up for the photograph with the green background the lion’s mane stands out even more.  Finally, just to be a little creative I added a fade to black border just to give the picture a little bit more pop.

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  1. freda phillips

    Great picture!! You did a good job as you always do.

  2. Birth Of a Manta Ray


    I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that you have a great site! Keep up the good work.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks- That is always great to hear!

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