Dec 28

Third Bedroom – Texturing and Painting the Walls

Hampton Bay Ceiling fan
Once we were done getting our floor squared away and leveled, which you can read about by clicking here.  Karen and I moved on to getting some light in the bedroom by installing the same Hampton Bay 52 inch ceiling fan that we used in the other bedroom, both of those fans were bought at Home Depot.  They are really good fans for the price and quiet to boot.  The good thing about this type of ceiling fan is that it uses regular size light bulbs instead of those candelabra type that hardly put out any light.  Since we had already installed two others fans just like it we have had plenty of practice putting them up and this one, like the others, went up without a hitch. 
Texture Hooper

Once we had a little light shinning down on us it was time to move on to the next step in our bedroom remodel which was texturing the walls.  Our drywall had already taken a little bit of a beating when we removed layer upon layer of wallpaper and it just seemed like it would be impossible to get a smooth finish all the way around the room.  We did not want to put new drywall up so we decided to texture.  At first we were a little apprehensive about texturing and kept thinking negative thoughts like what do we do if we mess up and get too much texture in one spot then we would have to sand it back down and start over or what if it was uneven and we did not notice it until after we painted, but once we got over our doubts and actually started  it ended up being  a lot of fun useing the texture gun to spray the walls down.  The texture that we use is called Litex Wall Texture Spray and we just follow the instructions on the box and when it is time we put the texture in a Texture Hopper Gun and sprayed the walls until we liked the consistency and look.  Both were real simple to use all we did was follow the instructions used a piece of old cardboard to practice on until we got the right density of texture and then sprayed the walls of the room.  We then had to let the texture dry over night and we were ready to paint.   At least we thought we were, we just had one small hurdle to overcome which was picking a paint color. 

Finding the right choice of color was a little difficult for this room, or at least it was difficult for Karen.  She picks all the colors for the house, well she asks what color I might like to have in it then she smiles and shakes her head and then ultimately makes the final decision, which is just fine with me.  All I hope for is that this time when she makes her pick she sticks with it sometimes she will change her mind a few months down the road like she did with our great room.  I have had to paint our great room three different times now, but I think that she has finally come up with the one that she likes.  At least I hope she has… well, I digress.  To arrive at the decision to go with the color that she wanted we visited Sherman Williams a few times during their sales weekends that they have every now and again and she would pick up a sample size which covers around 75 sq feet.  By the time Karen was getting close to the color that she wanted we had four of these quart size samples.  So I came up with the idea of mixing the four containers together and adding it to our color from the guest bathroom and seeing what we come up with.  We ended up liking this new color and ended up with just enough to paint the room with two coats.  Unfortunately, we will probably be painting the room again because we have decided to make that room into a nursery now that we have a baby that is on the way.
Rolling on the Paint

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