Dec 17

Third Bedroom- Prepping the Floor

Before picture 3rd bedroomKaren and I have finally got our act together and started working on our house again.  It seems like we will do a few things and then do nothing for a few months at time and then get started back up.  I guess over the last couple of months we have had some extra motivation from somewhere and have kicked into another gear.  All that probably means is that we will take the first of the year off.  I hope not.  We are to the point that we are sick and tired of being sick and tired of having a construction zone as a home. 
Carpet Removed

We have now tackled the project of our third bedroom which turned out to be a lot harder than our first guest bedroom.  As you can see from the before picture there was a lot of work to do to modernize the room.  The first two things to go were the blue shag carpet and metallic brown wallpaper.  Fortunately removing those two things was very easy.  Unfortunately that was the easiest part of remodeling this room.   
Crack in the Floor

After ripping out the blue carpet we noticed that there was a big crack that ran across the floor.  The crack was not the worst of it on the right side of the crack the floor had dropped a good inch giving us a very unlevel room.  We thought we were going to have to spend thousands fixing our foundation.  Before we called the people out to put in steel piers in for our foundation we had a structural engineer come out to the house and let us know what the damage was.  To our great surprise, we had no structural problems other than a slanted floor from some washout and settling.  He gave us some suggestions on what we could do.  We then Googled the suggestions and found the one that we liked the best which was using self-leveling mix. 
Uneven Floor

Karen and I cleaned up the floor.  Karen used a scrapper a get all of the carpet-glue of f the floor. While she was busy doing that I worked on getting the carpet tack strips removed.  Make sure you use a heavy duty work glove to remove those tack strips, those things are dangerous.  It was amazing how many nails they had used to put those tacks down.  I am sure there was a reason they used a dozen nails every couple of feet.  I might be exaggerating a bit, but it seemed to be way more then they needed.  Once the floor was clear of all the debris we swept it one last time and went to Home Depot and bought a few bags of self-leveling mix.      
Scrapping the Carpet Glue
Removing Carpet Tacks

The self-leveling mix worked out great except for the fact it took a lot more bags then we thought it would.  Karen and I first put down some backing board to make sure the mix to not run under the drywall.  Next we cleaned the area very thoroughly.  Karen and I followed the instructions on the bag and placed the wet mix on the floor.  After each bag would dry we then would use a primer to help the next batch adhere to the previous and after about a half a dozen bags we had ourselves a level floor again.      
Boards to Stop the Self-Leveling Mix

The next step to prepping the room to be ready for our wood floors was to undercut the door trim boards.  We wanted to have tight snug look to the room so we got out our undercut saw took a scrap piece of board with the underlayment and went to town on the door trim boards.  Make sure you remember to use a piece of your flooring along with whatever underlayment you are going to use to get the correct height to cut at.  The first time we did it we forgot to use the underlayment and had to go back and cut everything again.
Putting on the Adhesive

Once the floor was completely ready we moved on to fixing the walls and getting them ready to paint.  Karen and I figured it would be wise to get all the texturing and painting done in the room before we ended up getting it all over all wood floors.  Check back to see how we decided our paint color and for tips on how we textured a wall to cover up the marks left by removing the wall paper.
The Mix

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  1. freda phillips

    Looks great. You did a good job.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks- We were pretty happy with the way it turned out and knowing that we used are own hands to do it makes it even better. Thanks for reading!

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