Dec 09

Photography Tip- Photography Reflections in Water

Yosemite Falls RefectedOne of the things that I have learned to do over time is look for still water so I can get a reflection of my subject.  I like it because it gives just a slight artistic flair to what might be just the everyday average photo.  Another fun future of using water as a reflective surface is that the area that is being reflective sometimes has a look that is darker and more colorful. 
clear lake

My favorite things to capture in a reflection are clouds.  I wish I had the dedication to get up early in the morning to get the perfect light, but I do not.  Also, since I am not professional by any means, I do not have the time to return to a location over and over again to get a perfect shot.  So, a lot of my shooting is late afternoon in poorer light so looking for clouds reflecting in the water makes a my pictures just a little bit better, and that is all I am ever hoping for in the end. 
Sunrise on the Anhinga Trail

The best reflections usually come from subjects that have plenty of light on them and a smooth area of water.  The water needs to be as still as possible to get an almost mirror like reflection.  If the current or wind is too strong then the surface of the water can be too broken up to get that clear reflection. 
Hoofstock with Reflection with watermark

Another good tip when you are out shooting pictures that have reflections in them, make sure you take your pictures from different angles.  Do you want more of the reflection in the shot or would you rather have just a hint of reflection at the bottom?  Does your main subject need to be in the middle with the look of a pattern created by the reflection running all around it or do you want your subject to be in one of the power points as you use the rule of thirds.  Living in the digital age is wonderful because now I can take as many pictures as I want and delete the ones that did not turn out as I had hoped.        
Nymph Lake

Next time you are out taking pictures start looking for reflections around your subject.  Water is a good one to start with because you are more likely to see them around water than anyplace else.  Once you develop a good eye for that start looking at other things to find reflections mirrors, windows, or metallic surfaces.  Try to add this to your picture taking tool box and you will be doing it every time you are out.  Happy Shooting!

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  1. freda phillips

    I love your reflection pictures. They are very good and fun to look at.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thank you so much for that wonderful comment. Thanks for reading!

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