Dec 08

Wildlife Photography Number 15- Prairie Dog

Prairie DogLiving out on the central plains the variety of natural wildlife is fascinating but at the same time limited.  Besides the spattering of white tail deer, wild turkeys, and thousands of waterfowl migrating through in the spring and the fall the chances of seeing a large variety of wildlife is limited to going to wildlife refuges and the occasional bigger state park.   Fortunately for us when we go to these wildlife refuges in our area we get the chance to see one of the most enjoyable creatures to watch, the prairie dog. 

Even though the prairie dog is classified as a rodent they don’t seem to have the same stigma as say a rat or mouse.  They are extremely charismatic how they run from hole to hole letting out their little shrieks that there is danger close, or after a while when they get more comfortable with your presence you will see them play especially the younger ones near their burrow holes.  Karen really likes it when two of them meet each other and nuzzles their faces together.  Karen calls it their prairie dog kisses.  If you are ever in need of something to do in an afternoon see if your local area has a prairie dog town.  They will not disappoint with their antics. 

I like this photograph because the light brown fur of the prairie dog stands out in grass field he was in.  This little guy was the lookout for his town when we came upon him.  He stood his ground and would just squeak its little head off as we were hiking by.  To get him to calm down Karen and I acted like we did not even notice him turning our back on him and looking at other things in the distance.  Once he realized we were not a threat to him he calmed down.  At that point I moved slowly to ground level, acted like was picking up some of the grass and was more interested in that.  At that point I raised my camera slowly and took a few pictures of the prairie dog.  After I got the picture I wanted we moved on with the rest of our hike.

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