Dec 07

Frugal Date Number 7 – Take Out and a Movie at Home

Dinner and a MovieOne of our favorite, and just so happens to be our cheapest dates that Karen and I go on is number seven in our list of ten frugal dates.  The seventh date on our list is getting take out and watching a movie at home.  Karen and I would be considered home-bodies.  After working all day and sometimes into the night on various projects, this blog, or our home by the time the weekend rolls around it is sometimes hard for us to get off the couch.  This is a quick easy date that does not take a whole lot of planning.  The nice thing about this is that so many restaurants allow take out that Karen and I can enjoy our favorite restaurant food from the comfort of our home. 

When we get a movie we usually go through Redbox since it seems to be the cheapest option on the market today.  Their movies usually run a little over a dollar to rent.  Karen and I have been talking about getting rid of our basic satellite package and moving to Netflix or something like that, but I do not know if I am ready to give up my news and sports channels.  So, since we are not using online streaming we are stuck with Redbox which we have been perfectly happy with over the last couple of years. 

On this particular date we rented a chick flick.  Karen has been very accommodating with our movie choices over the years usually letting me rent more guys’ movies then those intended for the female viewer.  One reason might be that about 40% of the time she is conked out before the show is over no matter what type of movie it is so she lets me rent what I want because she knows I will stay up to watch it.   The movie that we rented was Crazy, Stupid, Love staring Steve Carrel, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, and Ryan Gosling.  Overall it was pretty good romantic comedy about a man Steve Carrel whose marriage is falling apart so now he wants to reenter the single scene where he gets help and tips from Ryan Gosling.  However, the better Carrel gets at dating again the more he misses his ex. 
Crazy Stupid Love

For dinner we went with a local Mexican restaurant called Ted’s Café.  Karen got their chicken quesadillas while I got their two tamale dinner.  Both meals were wonderful and by the end of the meal we were wondering why it had been so long since we had last eaten at Ted’s. 

Sometimes it is nice to go out, but a lot of the time it is really nice just to stay in and relax and not worrying about hearing the movie over someone’s cell-phone conversation.  Strike that, not too many people are taking on the phone any more, I mean see the movie through the glare of people’s text-messaging conversations.  So, Karen and I have tended to watch our movies at home now unless there is something that would just be better to see on the big screen, and this has slowly become one of our favorite dates. 

Movie from Redbox $1.30
Dinner from Ted’s $24.62
=$25.92 for a few hours of bliss to forget about the worries at home and the world dinner at home with movie date.

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  1. freda phillips

    Sounds like a winner to me!!
    My favorite place is home. I feel safe and sound there, no stress or worries.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      I think if we ever get our house remodeled then our home will be our favorite place also. Here is to hoping I will get myself in gear over the break!

  2. Julie

    I agree, those texters drive me nuts! I need blinder bifocals so i can see the screen without seeing them!

    1. Kenny and Karen

      I still do not understand why anybody would shell out 10 bucks for a ticket and then never watch the movie-

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