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Monday Musing: Need to Drop the C in BCS

BCS FootballFrom the first day that I have started this blog I have tried to steer the conversation away from sports or at least sports that Karen and I have not seen first-hand, but after yesterday’s BCS selection I need to get some things off my chest.  First of all I want to say that I am not a fan of either Oklahoma State or Alabama.  I am just a person that would like to see a playoff of sixteen teams where each conference received an automatic bid and the rest of the field was made up with at large bids decided by a committee just like college basketball has.  The teams would be seeded by their strength of conference meaning that the strongest team from the strongest conference would play the weakest team from the weakest conference.  Except the football committee would have to justify who they pick and why.  That way there is some accountability.  Unfortunately, big time money is standing in the way of that vision but I digress.

First of all if you have no idea what the BCS is let me tell you a little bit about it.  BCS stands for Bowl Championship Series.  It is the college football system to decide who will play in the national championship game that season.  It basically creates a ranking of teams from other football rankings like the Coaches Poll and combines them with computer formulas to form a list.  From all that, the top two teams will meet in the title game.  Sounds like a great system and those that are not into college football might be like who cares, but you should for the reason that the BCS is just another example on why the United States is so messed up.

The BCS picks winners and losers.  I guess you could say that the BCS is a metaphor for our government.  They both pick winners and losers and sometimes they get it right but a lot of times they screw things up.  BCS is the original ‘too big to fail’ concept.  Those teams from these conferences are too big to fail so we will set up a system where you will be guaranteed a spot in the BCS bowl games at which you and your conferences will receive millions of dollars.  Our government did the same thing with the banks and car companies and a variety of other industries they put their hands in.  If the government likes you everything will be fine or if you are a part of the BCS then you will be fine if not then you have to be twice as good to do well.  What founding principal of the United States is that concept founded on?
3 BCS Schools

Let us take a look at the top three teams first Louisiana State University, second Alabama University and third Oklahoma State University.  LSU is a lock because they are the undefeated team left in college football.  Now Alabama and OSU make it interesting because they both have one loss.  Alabama lost to LSU at home while OSU lost to Iowa State a six and six team.  Well, that is easy Alabama lost to the best team in the nation while OSU lost to a team that is not even ranked so give Alabama another chance.  Not so fast, let us look at their entire record.  Alabama beat three teams in the final top 25 of the BCS rankings.  The teams were ranked 6, 22, and 25 while OSU beat four teams ranked 8, 12, 14, and 24.  So, which team really deserves to go?  Huh…hard to tell.

I could be somebody that makes excuses and says Alabama had their chance to play LSU in a game that they lost at home in overtime with a very exciting score of 9-6, while OSU lost in a game less then twenty-four hours after news came out that their girls basketball coach and others were killed in airplane accident.  Should OSU be in the title game?  I really do not know and I really do not care I just want a title game where the opponents were not picked but their play on the field decided that they made it.  Use a free-market idea of having a level playing field and the best will rise to the top.  The only way to do that is to have a playoff that takes the best from every conference that way each conference has at least a shot at the trophy.
BCS Trophy

Just let the teams decide it on the fields and leave computations and human inconsistency in polling out of it, but just like our government big money has corrupted it and the majority just keeps hoping that real change will come about.
1st picture via college-sports-university.com
2nd picture via a combination of three sites peoplequiz.com oversigning.com and osu-tulsa.okstate.edu
3rd picture via blogs.demoinesregister.com


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