Dec 04

Black Rock – Maui

Tidal SurgeBlack Rock is a snorkel spot that Karen and I checked out when we went to spend the afternoon in Lahaina.  We picked Black Rock because we had heard it was a good spot to see spotted eagle rays, unfortunately we did not get to see any.  It is a very interesting spot if you are into people watching.  It was probably the most crowded beach we were on the whole time Karen and I were on Maui.  I could never really get comfortable in the water with so many people around and I was ready to go after about thirty minutes in the water. 
Fish from HawaiiThis beach is very nice and snorkeling around the point was interesting and it made our trip worth the while when we were able to see a green sea turtle, but there were so many people in the water it was hard for us to really enjoy the underwater scenery.  This area does not have much in the department of coral.  There were the usual reef fish around but not in large quantities.  The only thing of note that we saw were a sea turtle and an octopus.  I am sure, like everything else in life, some days are just better than others, and like I mentioned before we ended up not spending a whole bunch of time here.
Sea Turtle and SwimmerOne of the neat things about going to Black Rock is seeing the dare devils jump off from the black cliffs.  Just make sure when you head around the point, if the water is calm enough, make sure you give the cliff jumpers a wide berth.   A person landing on you while you were just out for a swim would put a real damper on your day. 
Black RockGetting to Black Rock is rather easy, finding a parking spot may be the real trouble.  Go North just past Lahaina on Highway 30.  Take a left onto Ka’anapali Parkway and follow the Parkway to the right.  Drive slowly and look for the public access sign you will have to continue a ways down until you can make a U-turn.  After you take the U-turn just head back to the public access sign which will be in a parking garage, if memory serves me correctly there are less than twelve spots for the public to park there so you will want to get there early.  Karen and I arrived there a little after nine in the morning and we were able to snag the last spot.  
Yellow Tang and Butterfly FishOverall, I was not too impressed with Black Rock.  If you are in the Lahaina area then you might want to check it out, but since Karen and I were staying in South Maui I wish we would have just snorkeled there then headed up to Lahaina in the afternoon.

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