Dec 02

Wildlife Photography Number 16- Black Bear Cub

Black Bear Cub
Karen and I were traveling across South Dakota one summer and if you have ever been to South Dakota and across Interstate Highway 90 you will see about a thousand bill boards.  Most of the bill boards are for the Wall Drug store, but the one that peaked my interest was for Bear Country USA.  Since we were heading to Yellowstone National Park in hopes of seeing bears I wanted to go.  I had been to Yellowstone two previous times once just driving through on a road trip in college and the other was when I was five years old.  Both times I was there I had the misfortune not to see any bears.  This time I was determine to see bears on our road trip even if it was at a drive thru-safari.  So, I begged Karen if we could go and she finally gave in.  You can read about our time at Bear Country USA by clicking here.  

I like this photograph because the single best thing about Bear Country USA was the many black bear cubs that they had.  Karen and I enjoyed watching those little guys so much we actually did the walk through part of the zoo twice so we could watch them.  We got to see them eat and wrestle around a little but this little one seemed to have enough of the playing around and headed for the first tree it could find and up the little cub went.  Eventually the cub found a comfortable spot because it went to sleep just hanging up there in the tree. 

I was not very patient with the shot.  I should have waited to see if I could have gotten the cub’s entire face in the sun light, but instead I rushed it so the face has a shadow across it.  Karen is a big fan of the picture because she thinks its little paws are cute, but while I look at the flaws of the picture she just sees the good things.  I am really lucky to have such an awesome cheerleader for my photography hobby.

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  1. VisitRapidCity

    I am so happy to hear you enjoyed your trip to Rapid City. Because you enjoyed Bear Country USA I think you would also like Custer State Park. You can see buffalo up close and have burros eat from your hand. I hope you make another trip to Rapid City and the Black Hills soon. http://www.VisitRapidCity.com

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Custer State Park is a wonderful place we look forward to going back. Karen and I really liked our time in South Dakota hopefully we will be back soon.

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