Nov 23

Andy’s Frozen Custard- Springfield Missouri

Andy's StoreOne of our favorite things to do when we are in Springfield Missouri is to go to Andy’s Frozen Custard.  In the category of ice cream, custard, and yogurt Andy’s is probably the best that we have ever had.  In fact it is so good that when we were heading out of town the last time that we were there we had to drive across town so we could get one for our drive home. 
Straw-AnaThey have all sorts of different favors and toppings but Karen’s personal favorite is the Straw-Ana.  The Straw-Ana is Andy’s fresh custard covered with strawberry halves and sliced bananas.  It is so good that I end up stealing about half of it every time that we go. 
What we have boughtMy personal favorite is the Concrete.  The Concrete is basically the custard version of a Dairy Queen Blizzard just ten times better.  I usually get the Butterfinger Concrete since I grew up on Butterfinger Blizzards.  Next time that we go I really want to try their Jackhammer which is just their Concrete but the center is hammered out and filled with your choice of toppings.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 
Andy's WatermarkedAndy’s also has old-fashioned soda that is brewed in Milwaukee that I almost bought, but since I am semi trying to watch my weight I felt that eating a Concrete was enough for one day.  Maybe next time I will run a few laps before I go so I can have a Concrete or Jackhammer and a soda.    
For more information about Andy’s check out their website at http://www.eatandys.com/

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  1. freda phillips

    Looks yummy. I’ll take one of each. Thank you.

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