Nov 22

Onuoli Beach (Black Sand Beach) – Maui

Ornate ButterflyfishThis beach probably has the easiest access to the nicest coral that I saw on Maui.  There are a lot of nice areas to snorkel on Maui in fact I would almost venture to say that the snorkeling on Maui is just as good if not better then the Big Island.  I had to admit that because if I ever won the lottery the one thing that I would want to buy for myself is a vacation home on the Big Island and enough money to take my family there for a couple months a year.  I could give the rest away to charity and be perfectly happy with that decision so saying that the snorkeling on Maui is as good or if not better then the Big Island is not easy for me to admit to. 
spotted boxfishGoing to Black Sand Beach was a late morning stop for us.  I had heard it was good spot and I just wanted to check it out before our time was up on Maui.  I am really glad that we did.  Karen was a little snorkeled out by that point and she had decided not to get into the water.  I do not recommend that you snorkel by yourself but I went ahead and got in.  So in other words, do as I say not as I do moment there.  I only spent about an hour in the water and probably would have stayed a lot longer but decided to play it safe.  I did not want to get too tired so that I was struggling to head back to shore without a snorkel buddy.
Onuoli BeachThe beach is quite shallow and about ten feet into the water I was already at some coral so the entry was a little tricky but not too bad.  The waves were not very rough at all when I was there so it was very manageable.  However, if you were there when the water was really surging then I would not try to snorkel here and look for calmer deeper water elsewhere.
Cornet FishThe snorkeling was wonderful however the fish were very skittish here which made a lot of sense because as I was getting into the water three guys were getting out with their spear guns.  Other than those three guys that just finished spear fishing there were only two other people in the water and they were scuba diving.  So, I basically had the whole beach and ocean to myself.  In the distance, there was a snorkel boat that had several people in the water but they were not that close to me… not too far away that I could not swim to their area but the coral and fish were just wonderful off the beach towards the cliffs that I just kept in that area. 
Peacock GrouperThe coral here was just pristine probably the best that I have ever seen.  Not as many fish as some of the other areas but seeing that much coral in one spot was worth getting into the water.  I wish I could have spent a few more days snorkeling here but there were just so many good spots in Maui that it became impossible to find time for all of them.  If you are looking for a good spot that does not have very many people you might want to check out Onuoli Beach. 
GoatfishTo get to Onuoli Beach, take Highway 31 South until you turn right onto Wailea Iki drive.  Take Wailea Iki Drive until you hit the shops and then you will want to take a left onto Wailea Alanui Road. You will be heading south on that road towards the right you will see a road to the Maui Prince Hotel keep going soon you will pass another road on the right hand side that has a dead end sign that one goes to Maluaka Beach.  The next right will be your destination.  It is a dirt road that looks very bumpy.  Take your time on that road and look for cars coming towards you because the dirt road is very narrow so you will need to be careful.  After a short ways you will see a few places to park.  I hope you enjoy this beach as much as I did.

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