Nov 21

Frugal Date Number 4- Couple’s Board Game Night

Board Game NightKaren and I were visiting our friends (as well as sister and brother-in-law) not too long ago, and got together to play a board game, which ended up working out great for everybody involved.  We do not get to spend as much time as we would want with our sister and brother-in-law.  The couple’s board game night ended up being on a Saturday so it gave me a chance to watch a football game with somebody and gave Karen a chance to talk to somebody while the football game was on.  My usually very receptive ears tend to go deaf whenever a sporting event is on the TV.   The game ended in a draw Neil (the brother-in-law) and I will blame the lack of victory on the fact that he was watching the LSU game on the television while I was trying to catch the highlights of the KSU game on a laptop.     
What the board looks likeIt turned out to be a very frugal date because Neil and Julie (Karen’s sister) would not let us pay for the pizza that we got.  If they were not so kind it would have come to $15.00 for our half of the meat-lover’s pizza and cheese breadsticks we got from Papa John’s.  The game was also furnished by Neil and Julie so really Karen and I were just along for the ride.  Julie and Neil are also very frugal people and very creative.  Instead of buying the game at a store they just bought 4 decks of cards and made it themselves.  The planning, staging, and furnishing were all done by the other couple, cannot really beat that for a date night.  
SequenceThe game that we ended up playing was called Sequence.  It is a board/card game where the object of the game is to place a token or chip on a card that you own and get 5 of them in a row to make a sequence.  We played using partners where it was the ladies versus the men.  You are not allowed to tell your partner where to place their tokens though we were a little lax with that rule.  At least they did not reprimand me for making several guttural sounds towards Neil when he was playing a few of our tokens in what I thought was the wrong place.  Now that I think about it, they probably did not get after me for making sounds was because by that point the girls were already winning.  It ended up that Neil knew what he was doing all along.    Though I can proudly say that Neil and I were able to make a comeback at the end and tie the score up which is where we left it. 

$15.00 or more, that we should have paid for pizza
$0.00 for using a board game that belongs to the other couple
=$0.00 spent on our couple’s board game night because the wonderful couple that was a part of our couple’s board game night took care of everything for us.  Karen and I will need to repay the favor next time we have a game night.
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