Nov 14

Wildlife Photography Number 19- Meerkat

MeerkatMeerkats are small mammals that live in the desert regions of Africa.  They live in groups that can number as many as 50 or more individuals.  Since I have never been to Africa the only chance I get to photograph these little creatures is at zoos, and they are a hoot to photograph.  I would say the meerkats are the mostly lively animals at any zoo.  The reason they are so lively is that there is always one sentry on guard looking out for the rest of the clan.  The guard watches out for predators while the rest dig for food, or being at a zoo, the rest are usually playing.  I find the fall season during the bird migrations a great time to watch the meerkats because that little guard is working twice as hard every time a flock of geese go overhead.   After doing a little research I found that the guards are on duty for about an hour long then they switch.  Not to bad of a gig for a day’s work.       

I took this photograph at the Oklahoma City Zoo which you can read more about by clicking here.  This meerkat was on duty, its little head switch back and forth, and then finally he looked directly at me and I snapped the picture.  I like this photo because it shows the personality of the meerkat.  I also like the feel that the meerkat is looking directly at me and we are communicating.  It is probably just hoping that I am about to bring it more food.

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  1. Cecilia

    I could watch these guys all day long besides being so darn cute they are the most active animals at the zoo.

  2. Kenny and Karen

    I totally agree with you… so does most of America considering there was an actual tv show about meerkats that was on for several seasons. I never saw it because I did not have cable at that time, but I think it was highly rated at one point.

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