Nov 13

P90-X Second 30 Days- Here we go Again

P90XNow for anybody that is following this blog you might have thought that we had given up on our exercises since the last time I blogged about this was way back in the early part of July.  I had just completed my first thirty days of the P90-X workout system.  I was feeling better about myself and I was still going strong and was well into the second segment of the program.  It was nice to go home and have my family ask me if I have been working out.  Well, like alot of things in life, circumstances just do not work out as planned.  Things come up, family emergencies, vacation days, and then finally work commitments.  I would like to say I was able to finish all 90 days in a row, but I was not able to. 

I am a teacher and at the close of summer break  I had big plans heading into the school year as far as my workout was concerned.  I was going to keep doing my workouts before work and then I would have soccer practice after school, and things should go pretty smooth.  Unfortunately, about five days before school was about to start my family had an emergency.  So, it was a series of days of making the four hour drive back in forth between my home and my parent’s home.  Karen had already taken up all her sick and vacation days, and she had just started her second job working for her sister, so we could not just take off at the drop of a hat.  Karen and I made it work and we would make the drive over and over again to be with my family during and after the emergency. 
Iron Master DumbellAfter everything that went on I did not really feel like working out or trying to get back into the swing of things.  I just went to work, did my job, and started coaching again.  The days just flew by.  I coach soccer in the fall so I was able to train and workout with the guys, but it was nowhere near as intense as what the P90-X workout is.  Side-note my team did win the All-City Championship Trophy for the third time in six years which is the highest trophy we can get, because it is a middle school team.  Now that the soccer season is over I am recommitted to starting my P90-X workouts and running again.  So far I have made it through the first week, and despite the fact that I basically took off three months I am starting from a better spot than I was in during the summer.  Hopefully, this time I can stay motivated enough to make it through the entire workout.
IronMaster Dumbells

photos via beachbody.com and ironmaster.com

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  1. Cecilia

    px90 is a great workout. It leaves you tired and sore but not so bad you don’t want to go back the next day. The varity is just what the body needs.

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