Nov 12

Travel Tip- Make a Vacation Photo Book

One of the great things about going on a vacation is the memories that you make, and usually most people try to keep those memories fresh by taking pictures and video while on vacation.  They get home get them processed stick them in a generic photo book or those who are trying to keep up with the break neck speed of the 21st century post them on to some social media outlet like Facebook or Google+ and that is the end of it.  How many people go back and look at the hundreds of pictures they have on those things?   So, how do we keep those memories alive and not just on some shelf or on some hard drive?  Karen and I have found that taking our better photos and making them into a coffee table book is a great way to remember our trips. Coffeetable booksWe have been fortunate to take a variety of vacations at different times of the year, and we switch out our personalized coffee table books with the seasons.  That does two things for us, it is an easy decorating tool for the seasons, and it reminds us of better days and not just the toil of the everyday.  During the summer we put out some of our tropical vacation books, or during the fall we have made a vacation book about where we went to see the leaves change.  Other parts of the year they are on the shelf, but keeping them changed out throughout the year keeps the memories alive. 

Karen and I do not spend a fortune on these books in fact they are very resonably priced.  There are several vendors where you can have this done, like Shutterfly or Snapfish.  Karen and I have found that our best bang for our buck has been getting it done at Wal-Mart.  On Wal-Mart’s website they have a very easy program where you can upload your photos, plug them into the photo album style that you want, pick the background, add captions, hit submit, and then you can pick up at your local store or have it shipped to you for free.          

It also lets friends and relatives scan through your pictures if they want to.  I am all for seeing other people’s vacation photos, but that is so I can get ideas if I ever go.  I never want to be invited over to someone’s house and then spend the next several hours seeing their kids play at the hotel pool side, or hear for the tenth time how one of the kids was scared of the guy in the Mickey Mouse suit as I basically see the same photo over and over again.  Having a coffee table book of past vacations just sitting out lets your visitors look at them if they want instead of force feeding it to them.

Try it out with your next vacation photos, trust us you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. freda phillips

    I love the books you made for me. Thanks a lot.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Your welcome, we had so much fun on that vacation we need to do it again sometime.

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