Nov 07

Wildlife Photography Number 20 – Black Bear at Yellowstone

Black BearYellowstone provides great opportunities to see and photograph wildlife.  It is truly an amazing place and one of Karen and mine favorite vacation spots.  I think I have mentioned this before on the blog and I know that I have told Karen probably a hundred times that I would love to live out in the Yellowstone area for about a year just so I could soak it all in.  However, that still might not be enough time to take in all that Yellowstone area has to offer. 

This photograph was taken at a roadside bend just outside of the Lamar Valley.  We were driving through and came across three other cars that had stopped, which usually boils down to the fact that somebody has seen an animal.  We were not disappointed.  There was a black bear going through different logs looking for grubs and insects.  I parked the car behind the nearest vehicle, got out and preceded to take some pictures.  The bear was about 100 yards away.  I thought about getting out a tripod so I could have a little less shake, but by this point a crowd was starting to gather.  Since we did not want to be in the middle of a “bear jam” I took a few more shots and was ready to head on.  This was a good thing because the bear started to pay a little bit more attention to the crowd than the grubs.  Some knuckleheads started to head towards the bear to get that closer shot with their little point and shoots.  I just wish people would realize that we were not in a zoo and the animals are wild. 

I like this photograph because the bear’s face is framed by the logs. I also like the color varation of the black bear and the green grass. I do not think the picture would be as catching if it was a cinnamon colored black bear, but that is just my opinion.  I do wish I had a better camera with stronger lens so I could have gotten some closer shots of the bear’s face and eyes, but I still cannot justify the cost of a DSLR and lenses yet.  So far, my super zoom Canon Powershot is getting the job done and that is good enough for me.

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