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Honolua Bay- Maui

Rocky EntranceHonolua Bay on Maui’s northwest shore is an awesome place to snorkel if you come during the summer months, and from what we saw on our second to last day there in late October it must be an incredible surfing spot when the north swell comes in during the winter months.  Karen and I lucked out and were able to get one afternoon of snorkeling in.  We checked back towards the end of vacation and on that particular day the waves were starting to get rough and there was a sign that said the water was murky so we decided against it and spent the afternoon in Lahaina. 
On the PathH-Bay was like snorkeling in a lake the water was so calm.  We arrived around 3:30 in the afternoon and there was hardly anybody there.  Getting in the water was a bit difficult.  There are some concrete slabs for what appears to be an old concrete boat ramp that will help you get in, but if they are wet it can be very slippery.  I was not able to use that because a family of 4 was just hanging out in the water right next to ramp.  So I checked for spiky sea urchins and just sat and scooted over some big rocks and to get in.  It is very shallow and rocky for the first 10 to 15 feet out but after that it is some of the easiest snorkeling I have ever done.  You just have to be extra careful when you are getting in and out.  I advise the use of some sort of snorkel boot or shoe so you can have some extra grip when you are getting in and out of the water.  Another bit advice is to not put your snorkel fins on until you are out a ways.  Trying to walk in over rocks with the flippers on did not look easy and I saw a couple fall down trying to do that. 
Rocks Getting In

Snorkel DivingSnorkeling at Honolua Bay was a wonderful experience.  I just wish Karen would have been feeling a little bit better so she could to do too, but by this point in our vacation she had been snorkeling a lot and was starting to feel a little waterlogged.  She would have loved it because the first thing heading out all I saw was baby fish of all sorts of different species.  It was pretty cool to see baby butterfly fish or other types darting all over the place.  Since Honolua Bay is a part of the Marine Life Conservation District the fish are not as afraid of snorkelers here like they are in a lot of the other places. 
PufferfishI went down the right side of the bay, and it just kept on getting better and better the farther out I went.  I wish I would have been able to spend more time there, and hopefully if we ever get the chance to go back in the future I will get to.  It is a wonderful place and probably the best snorkeling spot on northwest shore of Maui.  Remember, like all reefs they are very delicate so leave it like you found it so future generations can enjoy the wonderful bay.
Hawaiian DascyllusHonolua Bay is located off of Highway 30 past Kapalua.  There are two parking spots for the bay, one is high up above the bay and you can take the steps down through the forest, the second is a little farther down on both sides of a one lane bridge.  We parked there and walked through a wonderful forest to the bay.  The scenery through the forest is almost as beautiful as the water; it is an easy walk that is well maintained.  Keep an eye out for the many roosters and chickens along the path.  When you reach the end of the path there will be sign up and a donation box.  I hope you get the chance to enjoy wonderful Honolua Bay.
When the H Bay is Calm

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