Oct 31


TracedWe just got back from our last vacation on Thursday and thought we should hit the store on Friday so we could get a pumpkin to carve for this year’s Halloween.  Well, we ended up taking back something with us or least Karen did.  She must have got a stomach virus from the plane ride so she had been feeling a little under the weather the rest of the weekend. 
Scanner We UseI had gone to the store a few times over the last couple of days and a saw that the supply of pumpkins was slowly dwindling down.  The last time I went I thought it was now or never so I ended up getting a pumpkin.  I thought maybe our tradition of doing a pumpkin every year was in jeopardy.  I cannot really carve it myself because Karen is the artist out of the two of us.  I need a camera to be able to make a picture all she needs is a pencil and paper.    
Tracing the Pattern OnSo, until last night I had kept the pumpkin hidden from Karen, I did not want her to feel like she had to help me carve a pumpkin this year, but luckily for us she was feeling better this morning.  She had asked me if we should get a pumpkin and I told her that we already have one!  Our next step was to find a picture we thought we could carve.  Last year we went with some pretty easy designs so we wanted to step it up a notch.  At first we thought about a Calvin and Hobbes image, and we might do that next year, but we settled for another Peanuts design.  This year we are going to do Snoopy and Woodstock.  The picture we choose this year is this one below.
Snoopy and WoodstockOur first step was to print out the picture of Snoopy and Woodstock.  After the picture was printed we got out our Projecta Scope, which we bought from Hobby Lobby.  Karen is much better at drawing than I am so she is a wiz at tracing.  Once she had it traced we were ready to get the guts out of the pumpkin.  Now it was my turn to get to do something.
So it beginsThe next step was to get the pumpkin open removing all the seeds and shaving down the inside so the light could shine through.  This can be a tricky step because if you shave it too closely on the inside you might puncture a hole in and then have to start all over with a new pumpkin or try your design on the other side. 
The GutsThe third step went back to Karen which involved her outlining the pumpkin with a v shaped exacto tool.  She does such a good job with the outline that my job is extremely easy.  I have the fourth step which is to shave out the surface of the pumpkin between the outlines. 
Karen Carving the OutlineThe fifth and final step is to put a light in the pumpkin and see if you need to shave anymore off from the inside. 
Carving it OutSo, here is our pumpkin for Halloween 2011 a Snoopy-O-Lantern tells us what you think of it.
Woodstock and Snoopy Pumpkin Carving

Karen and I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!

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  1. Cecilia

    So glad you didn’t break your tradition and Karen is feeling better.
    You’re a good hubby!

    1. Kenny and Karen

      We are glad that we were able to carve one this year. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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