Oct 29

A Little Tree Trimming…or Maybe a Lot

BeforeEvery few years it seems, Karen and I need to trim up our many trees in our front lawn.  We love our trees…well Karen loves our trees I find them a bit annoying in the fall, and then again about every two years when we rent a cherry picker and trim them up.  The shade is really nice and does cut down on our AC bills in the summer, but the LEAVES!  Oh how I hate them every fall.  Yes, we could go with a tree trimming service, and we have had plenty of offers throughout the spring and summer for somebody to come and trim them up, but being the DIYers we are, we could handle it or at least we always think we can.  
Ready to RollIt all started last spring when we were going to put in a water well for our sprinkler system.  We called in a great company to come and do it, and everything was going well except the drill arm ended up hitting one of our trees and taking out a gigantic section of a large tree.  Now, most people would be upset that this would happen, but for us it was a blessing in disguise.  One of our biggest trees was rotting from the inside out.  Karen and I would have never noticed this if it was not for the mishap by the drillers and if we had a bad storm things could have been really bad for us or our neighbors.   We were busy in the spring time so we waited for the fall to trim up our trees. 
Karen and her dad in the Cherry PickerWe rented a cherry picker and with the help of Karen’s Dad got to work one weekend this fall.  Originally we thought all we had to do was cut out a few branches that were rubbing and take down the rotten tree, but as soon as we started looking around we noticed we had a lot more problem areas than we thought.  Our first order of business was to take out several branches over our driveway so we can put up a basketball goal.  Karen bought we on several Christmases ago and it has sat in a box ever since.  I finally got her to agree to cutting down those branches so I could put my goal up.  We then moved in a clockwise fashion around our yard. 
Damaged TreeWe each had a different job to do.  Karen was the operator of the cherry picker twisting and turning that thing around to get to all the branches that needed to be cut.  Her dad was up in the contraption with her cutting the branches down.  My job was to pick everything up, cut it into smaller pieces, save what I can for firewood, and stack all the rest to be taken out on big trash pickup day.  I also got some great help from Karen’s mom who was so kind to bring us food the two days we were working on the tree trimming project.
Karen's Mom Looking OnAs our pile of branches kept getting bigger, I kept telling myself there is no way the trash-guys are going to take all this.  Fortunately for us they did, because after having three large piles of leaves and branches like the one below, I was in no mood to have to move it again and take it to the dump.  The picture does not do the pile justice it was like we were making a fortification around our yard with those tree limbs. 
One of ManyAfter two days of work it was basically done.  Without the help of Karen’s family there was no way we could have got done over a weekend.  First of all I am a little afraid of heights, and second we do not even own a chainsaw, which Karen’s dad was kind enough to let us use.  All-in-all it was a pretty massive project that we do not endorse anyone taking on themselves unless they know what they are doing.  Anytime you are using power tools you need to take all the precautions that are necessary and if you have any doubts do not go out and do it.
Cutting it Up

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  1. freda phillips

    Hey I didn’t know you took that picture.
    It was a lot of work. I’m glad it is finished and super glad the trash clean up people took all the cut limbs. Your yard looks super nice now. I think the trees are worth all that extra work.

  2. Kenny and Karen

    Yes, the trees are worth all that work. I just wish it was not so much work! Thanks again for everything you and Paul do for us.

  3. freda phillips

    You are welcome. If we didn’t have 4 daughters and 4 son-in-laws and 3 grandsons to keep our life interesting and fun, we might be 2 old, grouchy, nothing to do retired people. How boring would that be. and nobody to tempt us to go on all these exciting trips.

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