Oct 28

Maluaka Beach- Maui

Maluaka BeachMaluaka Beach was a great spot to snorkel, Karen and I had a hard time picking which place to go to while we were in Maui.  There were so many snorkel spots to pick from.   Each night when we were deciding on where to go we had a hard time making up our mind.  Maluaka Beach ended up being one of our favorites and we ended up going there three times. 
Moray Eel SwimmingOne of the main reasons that we liked Maluaka Beach was that it was never really crowded.  We went to Maui in October which might be a reason why the beaches were not that crowded, but we figured there would still be lots of people in the water considering that Maluaka Beach sits right in front of the Maui Prince Hotel.  Another disclosure is that we went relatively early in the day.  Karen and I would usually snorkel at a few other beaches and then we would come back here, and we would leave before 12:30 to go and get lunch.  We have found the best time to snorkel is early in the morning.  We usually try to get to our first spot by seven in the morning.  Now this is a vacation, but we have found getting up in the morning gives the best visibility in the water and a lot less people, so it becomes worth getting up for.   
HonuWe mostly did our snorkeling on the south side of the beach, but both ends can be good especially if you go out and around the points.  Make sure you take the proper precautions and do not go beyond your own personal abilities.  There were no lifeguards on this beach when we were there so swim or snorkel at your own risk. 
Picasso TriggerfishKaren and I saw a variety of reef fish while snorkeling there.  Karen got to see one of her favorites, the Picasso triggerfish (shown above).  We also saw butterfly fish, Moorish idols, parrot fish, and trumpet fish along with several others.  We saw several green sea turtles or honu, which seeing a sea turtle is a personal highlight for me anytime or anywhere I go snorkeling.  I also saw the longest moray eel that I have ever seen.   
Reef FishMaluaka Beach was very easy to get to and parking never seemed to be a problem.  Take Highway 31 south until it ends, it will curve to the right and take you down to the shops at Wailea.  At the shops there will be stoplight where you will have the option to go either left or right.  Go left on Wailea Alanui Road.  Take Wailea Alanui Road for three and half miles where on the right side you will see a side street with a sign that says dead end.  Karen and I missed it the first time we were looking for Maluaka Beach.  If you pass it just turn around and go down the dead end street.  On the left side of the dead end street you will see a golf cart path which looks like a sidewalk so if you see that you know you are on the right road.  On the right a little ways down the road you will see public parking.  Skip it for now because you will want to drop your things off and all your passengers at the end of the road, closer to the beach.  There also a few parking spots at a turnaround if they are full, drop off your passengers and head back up to the public lot and park
Moray Eel telling me to back offIt is a wonderful snorkeling spot that we will surely miss now that we are back on the plains.
Green Sea Turtle above Coral

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