Oct 26

Number 194: Ratatouille (2007)

Ratatouille is number 194 of our top 200 movie list.  It is directed by Brad Bird and Jan Pinkava and stars Patton Oswalt and Ian Holm.  Ratatouille is rated G.

Karen’s Review

First of all, Rats in a kitchen!?!  That is just gross.  Leave it to Disney to put a positive spin on that one.  If you can just get past the panicky thought of a rat cooking you dinner then you are sure to love this Pixar classic called Ratatouille.  The visuals are stunning, the story line is sweet and heartwarming and the characters will make you love them.

Set in Paris you get glimpses of the Eiffel tower, sleepy little apartments, bicycle rides down the brick paved streets with a baguette in your bike basket, all accompanied by zany French accordion music.  It feels like you are truly there.

The main character, Remy (the rat) overcomes challenge after challenge- the fact that he is a rat, his family doesn’t believe in him, he is from a small town- to live out his lifelong fantasy, always knowing that ‘anyone can cook’.

Ratatouille is not my favorite Pixar movie, but is definitely worth a watch.  I give it four out of five shells.4 shells

Kenny’s Review

Ratatouille is a another masterpiece by Pixar, everything they seem to touch turns to gold.  It is amazing how Pixar can take something as revolting as rats in a kitchen and make it into a wonderful, creative, heartwarming story.

Of course, the animation is top notch, which is to be expected when viewing a Pixar movie.  There sure is a completely different level that Pixar is operating at compared to others in the field of animation.  I am still amazed every time they use water in their animations, it seems so real.  In Ratatouille, the way the streets of Paris are created it is so rich with detail and color down to the details of the kitchen  it is wonderfully done.

Another thing that I really like about all Pixar movies is the two levels in which they operate their storytelling. There is always enough jokes and physical humor to keep the kiddos entertained and a deeper meaning that adults can relate to.  In the case of this movie, the main character Remy, the rat, has make his way through the big city of Paris while dealing with the fact that his dad would be disappointed in him for wanting to be something more than a garden-variety rat.  I love how Pixar creates stories that function on so many levels.

Ratatouille is a movie that grew on me. The first time that I watched it I was not that impressed with the story.  I guess it was a little hard for me to get past the idea of rats around food.  I enjoyed the movie a lot more the second go around.  It is not the best Pixar movie that they have ever made, but it is a a good one and worth seeing.  I give Ratatouille 4 shells.4 shells

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