Oct 25

Wildlife Photography Number 22: Baby Orangutan

22 Orangutan BabyOne of Karen and my favorite thing to do is visit zoos.  I like going to see animals that I will probably never get to see in the wild, but I am still holding out hope that it might happen someday.  I know there are people out there that think zoos are inhumane and animals should be free, and sometimes I might agree with you.  I hate seeing zoo exhibits that are too small and not interactive enough for the animal, but despite those feelings I get sometimes at zoos I have visited, zoos also provide a sense that animals need to be taken care of.  I feel that zoos have done more for conservation efforts than anything else.  I know as a kid when my local zoo created their lion’s exhibit it was a big deal.  My elementary school did a big project about how animal habitats across the world are being threatened and we needed to do a better job at taking care of our planet.  That stuck with me, it does not mean that I became a tree hugger (not that there is anything wrong with that) but it did make me more cognizant about picking up my own trash and not throwing it out a window just common courtesy things that we all should do.

This photograph of a baby orangutan was taken at the Denver Zoo which seems to have lots of baby animals every time we visit.    You can read more about our visit to the Denver Zoo by clicking here.  I like this photograph because the little baby orangutan was having such an interesting time with that piece of lettuce.  Never really eating it but it would feel around it put it near its lips and then flip through it again.  All the other people at the zoo were going crazy over the little guy.  I wish the photograph would have been outside and not behind glass, but I like the picture because it basically sums up the reason why Karen and I like going to zoos.

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