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What Makes Our Marriage Work: Power of Touch

What Makes Our Marriage Work: Power of Touch 

0191 schellOne of the things I especially love about Kenny is that he intuitively knows when I am not feeling well. Without ever being asked he will rub my back or massage my head or just hold me trying to take the pain away. I always love that he cares so much about me and wants me to feel better, but I was super excited when I read a study that put actual science behind this touch.

Did your Mom ever rub your tummy or stroke your head when you were sick as a child? I know mine did. I think it just comes instinctively as a parent to want to soothe the pain of your sweet babies. The benefit and necessity of touch for infants and children has long been known. Babies who were well fed and cared for, but who were not held, failed to thrive. It turns out that the power of touch is just as important in adults.

Neuroscientists at The University of Wisconsin and The University of Virginia recently discovered the benefit of hand holding to reduce anxiety associated with anticipated pain. They purposely recruited happily married couples to participate in the study. They attached brain imaging sensors to the wife and had her lie under a scanning machine where she was anticipating a mild shock to her ankle. The brain images documented her heightened emotional strain as she was preparing for impending pain.
Kenny and Karen waterfallsHowever, simply by holding her husbands hand the emotional strain was greatly reduced, similar to the effects of a pain killer! They tried the same experiment allowing the wife to hold a strangers hand, which did provide some comfort, but not nearly to the same effect of that of her spouse. It just shows that you need to truly build that connection between you and your significant other so you can be a comfort to each other in good times and bad.

Next time you are in a bad mood or in pain or you see that your significant other is having a rough day. Try just holding each other or grab each other’s hands.  It only takes a few moments to do and it might make a world a difference in what they are going through.  At least it is worth a shot right?
Kenny and Karen in Oahu

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