Oct 14

Wildlife Photography Number 24 – Wood Duck

24 Wood Duck 1Whenever Karen and I go some place we usually take one of our cameras with us just in case.  We mentioned it in one of our photography tips which you can read by clicking here.  The day this photo was taken was when Karen and I were walking at our local lake.  One of our favorite places to walk at this particular lake is just past the shore where a stream leads into the lake. The reason we like this part so much is that most of the time we get opportunities to see wildlife.  We have seen everything from blue heron to beavers.  Usually, we will see mallards and a few other species of ducks, but we had never seen a wood duck while we have been walking there.  We were lucky on this day because we got the opportunity to photograph one. 

I like this picture because the wood duck is probably the prettiest in my opinion of all North American waterfowl.  The light was pretty good for being late in the afternoon and the duck cooperated with us by actually coming towards us, which probably means that it is used to getting a handout.  I also like how the waves the duck was making shows movement in the photograph.  We took several pictures and continued on our hike.

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