Oct 13

Photography Tip: Use Internal Frames

Photography Tip: Use Internal FramesMissionAnother easy thing that anybody can do when out taking pictures is to incorporate an internal frame into your photo.  An easy way to do this is look through manmade openings either through frame work or windows, and fences are usually pretty easy to find.  By using an internal frame it gives an ordinary photo a little something extra to capture the viewer’s eye.
In a FrameNatural frames like trees, arches, and foliage can used to focus the eyes to the main point of interest.  I try to place the nature frame as close to the edges as possible to help isolate the main point of my picture.  By putting the frame near the edge, the picture will have more of a sense of depth.
Grand CanyonI am not much of a portrait taker, so putting my subject, which nine times out of ten is my wife, inside a doorway or frame helps me take a better picture.  Plus, it helps me better organize my shot.  I am so used to trying to photograph the landscape that most of my wife’s pictures are not shot with the intention of having her as the subject.  It is more like she is the side note and I just have her standing in front of some famous landmark.  If I have in an internal frame then she becomes the center piece of the picture.
10Also, using an internal frame on famous landmarks gives a little bit of a different perspective than just the average person who points and shoots.  In this picture of Mount Rushmore I used two boulders as a frame to isolate and make Washington’s and Lincoln’s faces the center piece and focal point of the picture.  Of course, I have the regular picture of all four presidents and it turned out well, but this one stands out a lot more to me and is on my screensaver of my computer while the other is not.
Mount Rushmore

Next time you are out taking pictures trying composing your pictures using internal frames, and try taking the same picture without it.  Compare and contrast and see which one stands out to you more.  It does not always make for a better picture, but if you add a little bit of internal frames to your photography there will be a lot more variety to your work.  I know I have and I have become a better amateur photographer because of it.

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  1. freda phillips

    I really like the Grand Canyon one the best, but the first one is good also. I think I like the idea of a internal frame.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks for reading- I wish I would of got all the mission into the shot I think I left the bottom part of the mission a little short-

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