Oct 11

Frugal Date: Number 8 Get Moving

usKaren and I like to go for walks whenever we make the time for it.  We should do it a lot more not just for the benefit of getting some exercise in, which can release the stress of the day, but it is also presents a great opportunity to talk.  Usually our walks are after work and we just walk the block that we live on which, by the time we do our regular route, is a mile to a mile and half.  Or if we feeling spunky we will drive down to a lake that is about two miles from our house and walk the path that is there. walkingSince our frugal date number eight from our top ten frugal dates post is about breaking away from the usual routine Karen and I decided to go to a different lake which is on the other side of town and go on a Saturday morning.  We took our cell phones, but for only emergency situations so we put them on vibrate.  We also promised that we would not answer any calls unless it was a dire emergency.  Absolutely no text messaging it was just about us going for a walk and spending some time together.  We also made a promise not to talk about work of any kind- not our jobs or house work we have not gotten to.
karenSince we have been walking off and on for a while and have been up to five and a half miles we decided to push ourselves and walk around the lake.  It was probably not a good idea, but we made it anyway.  The full length of the hike was nine miles and we felt it by the end.  I think that was our first date where we ended up getting blisters on our feet by the end.  Not the most romantic thing in the world, but we were proud of the fact that we made it all the way.
Long HikeAfter our hike we went out and ate lunch and treated ourselves to a little ice cream.  The good thing about the date was it gave us around three and half hours of no distractions.  We enjoyed the time we got to spend outdoors and just talking about our lives.  Despite the fact we walked a little bit too far on this date we enjoyed it.
Blue Heron

Frugal Date Recap
Free to hike at the lake
$12.63 to eat lunch at subway after our grueling hike
$7.72 for ice cream as a our reward for our grueling hike
=$20.35 for a long… did I mention how long the hike was… hike and lunch with an ice cream reward date.

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