Oct 10

Museum of Osteology: Dig Them Bones

Museum FloorThe Museum of Osteology is the number one rated thing to do in Oklahoma according to Tripadvisor so we just had to check it out.   Whenever we all traveling through someplace nine times out of ten we will use the internet to look up things to do and most of the time sites like Tripadvisor do not let us down.  Now, as far as being the number one thing to do in Oklahoma City, that is yet to be determined.  Karen and I have a lot more traveling yet to do.  I will say that it is a one of kind experience, and a very neat place to spend an hour or two.
Curveature of the spineThe museum was opened in 2010 so everything is brand new and looks great.  The displays are housed in a seven thousand square foot museum and wonderfully displayed.  Karen kept asking questions and I would just point to the sign and the answer was right there for her.  She was even more excited that they had a sign up explaining the orbital bone/socket that she had seen when we were at the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park Colorado.  At the dinosaur center there was no sign that explained what the circle was in the eye socket, but at the Museum of Osteology they explained it in detail.  That pretty much made her trip.  The one thing that Karen never fails to point out when we are at any museum is how well or not the displays give their information.  We were both really impressed with the wonderful job they did in setting up their displays giving just enough information to explain everything, but not too much so that the visitor has to read for hours.
ScrimshawThere were tons of specimens.  This museum seemed to have every base covered when it came to the different types of species.  It had everything from a shrew which we think was the smallest animal they had there, to a full skeleton of a whale.  The bones were divided up into different sections including primates, reptiles & amphibians, carnivores, birds, and an Oklahoma wildlife section.  It was amazing to see the rib cages of bats and see just how tiny their bone structure is.  Besides the forty foot humpback whale skeleton they also have other large creatures like a killer whale, giraffe, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, and African elephant skull with tusks, a bison, and a lot more.  There was a lot to see and by just listening to the people that were visiting there that day I do not think one person was disappointed.
HippoIt is a wonderful museum and it is pretty neat to see somebody that is living their lifelong dream.  Near the entrance it explains how Jay Villemarette the creator of ‘skulls unlimited’ and founder of the Museum of Osteology got his start.  Mr. Villemarette at the age of seven found a dog skull in the woods and because of his dads encouragement he kept collecting.  He has turned that into a business that was featured on Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel, where Mike Rowe the host got to see just how the beetles clean the flesh efficiently off the bones.  The first display case in the lobby shows how the process is done.  It is not as gross as you might imagine.  At least neither Karen nor I fainted from the sight.  All-in-all it is a wonderful success story that just lets you know that dreams can come true.
Beetles at WorkKaren and I highly recommend this museum.  First of all it is a wonderful educational experience.  Another thing that will make your trip worthwhile is to print off the museum scavenger hunt from their website under the education tab.  They have three difficulty levels so anybody could do it.  Second the museum is very hands on.  Karen was shocked and happy to learn that she could actually handle some of the bones.  On the second floor in the Explorer’s Corner, we got to handle and guess at over a dozen animal skulls from North America.  There are also several drawers that you can pull out that displays a variety of claws, teeth or animal tracks.  Third, if you are somebody that is into bones or science then you will love this museum.  It is a great place to spend an hour or two just looking at anamazing collection of animal skeletons.
Museum of Osteology

Museum of Osteology
Located at 10301 S. Sunnylane Rd. Oklahoma City
Hours of Operation- Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. & Sunday 1 to 5
Cost as of 2011- $6.00 for everybody 3 and up.
For more information visit their website at http://museumofosteology.org/

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  1. freda phillips

    Wow this looks really neat and clean. I have never heard of it before. I can’t believe things like this are right here in my home town and I guess I need to be in a tourist state of mind. Bryce would really like it. Are all of the bones real or are they replicas?

    1. Kenny and Karen

      I would say 95% of the bones or more are the real thing- There are a view skulls in their timeline section that were replicas.

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