Oct 07

Our next adventure is….

Maui! All who voted, Karen and I want to thank you for taking the time to make our decision process a little easier.  Usually, I will give Karen a list of places that I think we would both like, because in the past whenever I would ask her where she wanted to go she would never give a straight answer.  It was always where do you want to go?  So, I just left it up to our readers this time to make the ultimate decision for us.  A little bit of scary prospect considering one of the options was our own backyard, which probably would have given us a little bit more time to work on the house, but where is the fun in that.
MauiTo recap, the choices were Maui, Highway 1 down the California coast, Yellowstone National Park, Turks and Caicos, Washington D.C., Utah’s National Parks, and our backyard.  Being our first poll we were pretty excited to see the results.  Everyday Karen and I would check to see if the tally had changed, while I was hoping for Yellowstone and Karen wanted Turks and Caicos we could not have been happier with Maui winning.  The breakdown was-





Highway 1 “California Coast”


Yellowstone National Park


Turks and Caicos


Washington D.C.


Utah’s National Parks


Our Backyard


We are so excited about visiting Maui, we have already been to Oahu and the Big Island.  Maui was my parent’s favorite island to travel to so we are excited to see how it will stack up to the two that we have already been to.  We have already checked out some books and videos from our local library and cannot wait to go and report back about our trip.  Stay tuned over the next couple of months to see how our adventure goes.

picture via www.flickriver.com/photos/jassy-50/tags/tree/

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  1. freda phillips

    I think I should sneek into your luggage. (Oh, I forgot I need to watch the grandsons.)

    1. Kenny and Karen

      I am sure they would understand if you took a vacation- of all the people I know you and Paul deserve one.

  2. Cecilia

    I’m so excited for you I think you’re going to love it. The road to Hanna is wonderful. Be sure and take your time going up stop and check out each waterfall.

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